Head Rush – Maryland Art Place

Head Rush – Maryland Art Place

Pictured (LtoR) Brandon Lackey, Lineup Room owner; and Naomi Davidoff, MAP program assistant

Pictured (LtoR) Cheyanne Zadia, WVRDROBE artist/curator/designer & event speaker; and Dylan “Dylijens” Ubaldo, llamadon.com artist/booking manager & event speaker

Pictured (LtoR) Sam Speight, Zena’s Spa & Salon hairstylist; and C.C. Speight, Baltimore-based musician

Pictured (LtoR) Casey “MooseJaw” Frank, Lineup Room audio engineer/producer; Ea$y PrØphyt, Baltimore-based artist; and Antonio “Nature Boi” Ervin, event host/Baltimore-based artist

Pictured (LtoR) Nick “Divine King” Cross, Baltimore-based hip-hop artist; and Naomi Hooks, Prometric operations specialist

Pictured (LtoR) Jimmie Thomas, Curators of Hip Hop co-founder/producer; and Rainbow Israel, Life Or Death Records CEO

Anumber of Baltimore area recording artists descended on MAP for “Head Rush.”

Brandon Lackey, Lineup Room owner, addresses the gathering.

Mixing, Mingling & Making It (May 31, 2016) Maryland Art Place (MAP) kicked off its new series of informational workshops and networking events with “Head Rush” – a free workshop for Baltimore recording artists. Several local professionals talked about getting, creating and touring with shows during the evening – which was put on by the Lineup Room recording studio – before everyone there had a chance to network and compare notes.

Sloane Brown

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