Nightmare in the Valley – Old Line Society

Nightmare in the Valley – Old Line Society

October 29, 2016 – Greenspring Valley

Pictured (LtoR) Jeremy Batoff, Old Line Society co-founder/event co-host; Linnea Keys, Carbone Smolan account director; and Eric Goldie, New York-based producer

Pictured (LtoR) Kelsey McWilliams, Samsung marketing manager; Rilee Sellers, Oracle Data Cloud associate consultant; Paige DePaolis XO Group/The Knot account strategist; and Savannah Sellers, MSNBC special projects coordinator

Pictured (LtoR) Sarah Williams, AECOM transit engineer; Justin Batoff, Old Line Society co-founder/event co-host; Chris Campitelli, Campitelli Racing trainer; and Claire Pugliese, Acton Mobile Industries accountant

Pictured (LtoR) Josh Anest, JMT land appraiser; Chase Mortenson, Port of Baltimore driver; and Tim Riley, RFID Global Solutions field engineer

Pictured (LtoR) Kate McClary, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health senior research assistant; and Logan Burke, Solar Gaines sales consultant

Pictured (LtoR) Andrei Beliakov, Evergreen Technologies computer tech; Nan Zhang, “Gossip Girl” cast member/Vision Interchange founder; and Seal Han, FitMango CEO

Pictured (LtoR) Christian Cummings, Berkshire Hathaway Homesale realter; Harry Aycock, AECOM senior analyst; Bob Killebrew, Maryland-based stock trader; and Juliana Harris, foundation director

Pictured (LtoR) Kat Katlic, Oak Meadow Farm manager; and Elizabeth Davidson, community volunteer

Vinyl Rhino rockin' the "haunted house"

Vinyl Rhino rockin’ the “haunted house”

Scary Soiree (October 29, 2016) The Old Line Society celebrated the season in eerily good style with “Nightmare in the Valley,” a Halloween party at a Greenspring Valley home benefiting the Cool Kids Campaign.

Sloane Brown

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