Fancy Meeting You Here: What’s Your Date Night Style?

Fancy Meeting You Here: What’s Your Date Night Style?

Party Dress – Fell’s Point

Date night dressing is a welcomed opportunity to get shopping and update your weekend wardrobe. #PartyDress in Fells Point picked out a few ensembles for any stage of the game. It doesn’t have to be Valentine’s Day to show off your décolleté in this red off the shoulder #arknco dress. Romance experts say wearing red on the first date creates surefire attraction. Pair it with #statementjewelry for an air of confidence, a short black leather biker jacket, and a classic #blackpump and your work is done. Whether there’s a second date or not, be remembered as #theLadyInRed

If it’s a stylish date night, go for the gold in this number. If you fear sequins will blind him over that candlelit dinner, throw on a classic cardigan to cut down the shine. Tie up the strappy stiletto to pull it all together. With gold in high demand, you will be sure to sparkle your way to a second date. #luxurious #showstopper

Silver is the metallic of the moment. From head to toe, you’ll have him whispering in your ear, ‘You comPLEAT me’. Jerry Maguire would be all over this #metallicmadness. Embrace liquid silver and go old Hollywood glamour style in this pleated slip dress. Tone down the pleat of the moment with a dark gray cropped blazer and studded shoe boots. Still too much metallic for you? Keep the silver trend in check and go for the white sleeveless dress with more understated geo-metallic lined edges.

Momma always said, be sure you look good coming and going. If the mood strikes to wear denim on your date, top if off with an eye-catching 360 degree top that leaves him breathless. Think #sexinthecity to create that effortless ensemble with animal prints, and powerful colors. Baltimore bleeds purple, especially during football season. It’s a powerful choice that radiates with any complexion. Create a little mystery and top it off with a fitted blazer, only to be removed once you two reach your final destination.

If you’re just getting back in the dating game, and you want to make sure there’s a second date, show off your #coolfactor and punch it out with perforation. This perforated fabric trend screams luxe and leather. Think of it as built-in ventilation when that date starts to get hot! It’s a bit transparent, so you may think about starting off with a simple camisole with decorative straps to express your #youthfulness. Essential bling that hits just below the collarbone finishes off this sporty vibe. This is a chance to show off those strong arms you’ve worked so hard for all winter long.

Go from dinner to dancing with grown-up elegance – fit for any age who likes to have fun without flashing too much flesh. Perfectly topped in neutrality, a #collarlessblazer with a perfect fit, defines your flare for fashion on a first date. Underlying glamour starts with this loosely laced up festive frock, to be worn either as a dress, or if you dare, as a tunic. For those more modest, we suggest an opaque tight and a thigh high boot on the bottom. It’s the glamour approach ready for a dinner with quality conversation. Perfect choice for those 40-somethings who wish to express their edgier self and still feel #ageappropriate

Gearing up for the outdoor date? Dress for what you’re doing and avoid being too faux-ward. Furry and fun, your outerwear choice should be shear-ly delightful. By far the most comfy cold weather trend this year is the faux shearling. It adds texture and warmth. Throw it over a loud print dress or pair it with your skinny jeans and boots. Sheepskin translates easily into faux form and it’s a whole lot more affordable. With any luck, you may pick it on sale this time of year. #Partydress has it!

Recreating your favorite #celebritystyle starts with a #fringe bag. As THE accessory with longevity, it’s the bag I forever will call #sexy and especially the in #crossbody styles. For a game changer, switch up your habitual handbag, especially if your date includes a suit-and-tie kind of guy. Binge on the classic styles #boxiehandbags #elongatedclutches #bagswithtassels Can we agree? One bag is just never enough.

Sloane Brown

Baltimore's longtime fashion and social scene reporter, Sloane is the founder/managing editor of Baltimore Snap.