Red Hot February

Red Hot February

If there is one thing that stays consistent in Mt. Vernon, it’s Bob Nelson, affectionately known as “Bowtie Bob.” You’ll never see Bob without a bowtie. But, that’s not the only thing that makes him so interesting. Bob walks around ten miles a day and makes an impression on everyone. No wonder he was named one of the 14 most stylish people by Baltimore Magazine.While he thoroughly enjoys thrifting, he also loves sporting some locally designed threads including those created by Christopher Schaefer Clothier. He really respects Chris and Seth, the owners and designers, and has fun talking to them about design concepts. He has donned a number of their bow ties, including the one in this picture, and he’s currently working with them making seersucker shorts for his Preakness attire!

Although he was wearing red plaid pants, he’s not afraid to go bolder with embroidered pants or as the Preppy Handbook refers to them, “go to hell pants.” How much was this one-of-a-kind outfit? Less than $15, of course.  Making Bob not only stylish but practical.For Bob, style is “like your business card.”

It’s a long-standing joke that Sally Holton is from “everywhere.”  She has called California, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Washington D.C. home and from each of these locations she has taken the local style and mixed it to fit her personality and wardrobe. Sally does not have one particular style. She appreciates pieces of every trend, genre and design, creating an eclectic miss-match of themes, even adding pops of color like the merlot lipstick she used here. Today is a perfect example of the intersections of her roots and influences, starting with a piece from Sally’s family history. Sally’s aunt, whose closet she often played in, purchased the coat from a local craftsman in Peru in the 1970s.

A few of the pieces: scarf, dress and earrings are all from South Moon Under in Harbor East. The shoes, Jeffrey Campbell Lolita’s, hail from a thrift store on Melrose called Wasteland. With their platform, textured fabric and desert coloring, they scream L.A.

Found – This jacket is the first in a collaborative series between the owner of Bottle and Bread, a vintage store, and artist, Jesse Klompus.

Their influence came from still life paintings from the 17th century Dutch Golden Age. The bright colors pop in a delicate painted vase on the black leather and softens the overall look.

Sloane Brown

Baltimore's longtime fashion and social scene reporter, Sloane is the founder/managing editor of Baltimore Snap.