Quintessential Gentleman Menswear Trends 2017

Quintessential Gentleman Menswear Trends 2017

The QG – short for Quintessential Gentleman – is your classic boutique department store, modernized for today’s man in downtown Baltimore. For men who appreciate #style and #luxuryclothing, the QG offers a perfect fit in more ways than one. @TheQG you can find the complete look from head to toe.

Plaids will always keep you in check while #PeterMillar dons in #crimson and casual. At this six floor, shopping venue, your next leisure look is totally refined and timeless.

The denim department @TheQG noticeably shows off fashionable jeans to keep your man stylish and comfortable. Headlining this table, #AGjeans presents the most contemporary trends, without being over the top. Top selling styles include the Graduate, a relaxed, yet trim look that pairs quite well with a classic Henley shirt. Another haute seller is the Protégé, a modern must have for men – a straight leg jean.

Having luxury Italian fabric at your fingertips is the epitome of classic, readily available. Get it done with some of the best picks of the season from #LanificiodiPray to take you from workday formal to weekend casual. Trim fit windowpane plaid sport coats easily combine with your favorite denim and dress shoe for that not-really-dressy, but not oh-so-casual #hauteguy – Esquire Mag calls it ‘doin sportswear like a grown up!’

Complete your head to toe look for any time of day with a pair of #AllenEdmonds shoes. Made in the USA and unsurpassed in quality, every imaginable style is on display on the 5th floor Mens Shop @theQG. It’s like being a kid in the candy store in the shoe department. From classic to contemporary looks, choose any pair for a lifetime of fashionable wear. #mensfashion

Update your look and #TieOneOn for a modern menswear approach to fashion. Whether you order silk, striped or knit, the assortment of possibilities are endless. Found in the round @theQG, are the tried-and-true trends in texture, prints and paisleys. From the budget-friendly bowtie to designer labels, nothing keeps you ‘in the know’ like a new tie. If you’re one to splurge, go for a patterned silk or a bold blue option that screams simple and timeless. #mensstyle #dapper #ties

Boxers or Briefs? Choose #boxers and you’ll be loving life in the most luxurious of fine cotton. @Seaward & Stearn shows off true #menswearclassics by offering lovely little bundles of boxer shorts in checks, plaid, and gingham. Handmade in their #London workshop, Seaward & Stearn inspires with whimsical ties in fine quality fabrics The QG surprises the well-appointed man with matching suspenders, an old school accessory with a fashionable new look. #vintagefashion

Every man should own at least one #CustomSuit in his lifetime. Master Tailor, Earle Bannister and his team @theQG get the job done. For a one-of-a-kind shirt or suit with superior fit, you will elevate your style to the next level. If you’re a virgin to custom clothing, pamper yourself at least once with the experience. I guarantee it will be an education in understanding the essential elements of a good fit. It will drastically improve your outfit and trust me, your significant other will notice!

Sloane Brown

Baltimore's longtime fashion and social scene reporter, Sloane is the founder/managing editor of Baltimore Snap.