A Quick Smoky

A Quick Smoky

Baltimore S.N.A.P. fans seem to always be on-the-go, from network lunch to big night out. But, it can sometimes be overwhelming finding the right look to make it from coffee to cocktails. We stopped by the Laura Mercier seminar at Nordstrom Colombia to get tips on the quickest way to do this – even in your uber if you dare.

This anonymous beauty was our model. She’s a busy medical professional during the day, but wanted to jazz it up a bit. She’s seen here modeling the new Candle Glow collection with easy smoky eyes, a little glow to her cheeks after work, and a softer nude – but not too nude – lip. The key here is a look that’s a little sultry – like a great night out after a beach trip – not beige lips and black eyes per se. So, how do you make it easy?

Enter Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks. These waterproof and easy-to-blend shadow stick liners in nearly 20 shades make it simple to get any look you want with no fallout under the eyes. Although the smudge brush was recommended, even a pinky finger will do in a pinch.

See how a small amount of candle glow powder was dusted above her cheeks in a V shape back to the ear around her temple, followed by “Potpourri ” nude pink liner and “Courtesan” lipstick.
The real impact comes from smudging “Amethyst ” Caviar stick across the entire lid up to the crease, then taking a deeper shade like ” Tuxedo” and rimming the eye with it, smudging up and out. Then, add an extra coat of thickening mascara over a more subtle daytime coat. The best part for the faint of heart is this eye look can be softened by dusting a tiny bit of that same Candle Glow cheek powder over any eye mistakes to blend.

I recently had the pleasure of a private tour of FX Studios’ new unisex salon and spa attached to the 10 Light Street Under Armour facility. This is the blow dry bar and makeup room overlooking the street. It’s the perfect spot to get a quick touch-up running from work to a party because they gear their extensive service menu towards those folks on the go.

Sangria’s new patio bar recently opened a little farther north, replacing our beloved Red Maple. While there, we caught up with fitness gurus Liddy Costa and Brett Erik at a birthday party during their grand opening week. Liddy is a perfect example of the versatility of the look I talked about earlier. You can wear those Caviar Sticks even in a more nude shade to the office and easily pop something bright – from MAC in this case – right on top of it because it acts as a base and allows you to place and keep color exactly where you want it, no matter how daring. I often use the sticks for quick changes at shoots and shows. Liddy kept her look soft with the Candle-Glowing cheeks and subtle lips, which complemented her fashionnova.com jumpsuit. Sangria’s renovation offers an expanded outside area, and great music inside. But with these waterproof summer-ready colors, there’s no need to worry about meltdown. Party on!

Dr. Steve Sobelman