Spring Heat

Spring Heat

Well, it may still be April, but the thermometer doesn’t know that. We’ve had some 80- and even 90-degree days lately, and people’s clothing reflects that fact.

First up is David Gilmore, who proves that you can stay cool and still look elegant. He’s wearing a classic seersucker suit with a white linen shirt and jaunty plaid bow tie.

Linen is the hot-weather fabric par excellence, which is why Carol Van Dam is sporting this black Italian linen raw-edged top with an abstract-print skirt and lace-up gladiator sandals.

At Parts and Labor in Remington, hostess Deara Marshall has to dress for comfort, but she doesn’t let that stop her from also looking chic. Here she is wearing bright striped culottes from Zara, a loose-weave gold top from H&M, and a colorful headwrap from Fanm Djanm in Brooklyn. (“Fanm Djanm” apparently means “strong women” in Haitian Creole.)

I spotted this vintage Lucite zebra purse on the arm of a fashionable gal at the Village of Cross Keys (who asked to remain anonymous). Maybe she’s afraid she’ll be deluged with requests from women like me to buy it from her!

And finally, take a look at this beautiful, sleek, avocado-green 1961 Dodge Polara (with a Chrysler front, according to the owner) on The Avenue in Hampden that had us gasping from a block away. Hubby took this pic of his mother and me in front of the green glory. I’m not even into cars, but this thing had me practically swooning. The owner of the retro beauty invited me to sit on the hood. “You match!” he said. Indeed, for not only was I wearing compatible colors, I was also clad head to toe in vintage. (Too bad you can’t see the amazing shoes with hand-carved wooden tiki heels. I got them from one of my favorite on-line vintage shops, Pin Up Girl Clothing.)

Lisa Simeone

Lisa Simeone has been observing, buying, and drooling over fashion ever since she can remember. She’s the daughter of a tailor yet can’t sew a stitch, though she did learn from her father about line, fit, and fine workmanship. Lisa began buying vintage long before the days of eBay and Etsy, back when there were still brick-and-mortar stores, and can still be brought to rapture over the sight of a 1930s Schiaparelli, a 1940s Lilli Ann, a 1950s Suzy Perette, or anything by Christian Dior. Her taste in modern designers runs from Chanel to Marchesa to Dolce & Gabbana to Valentino, none of which she can afford. But hey, a gal can dream! Lisa is known for her work on radio - local and national - for over 30 years, hosting Weekend All Things Considered, Weekend Edition Sunday, Performance Today, Soundprint, the Metropolitan Opera, and countless live specials. She currently hosts World of Opera and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra Broadcast Series. She has also written on fashion, design, architecture, history, and the arts for Style Magazine, Urbanite, City Paper, and the Baltimore Sun. In her bi-weekly column, see the stylistas Lisa spots around Baltimore, and what about each caught her stylish eye!