It’s Not “Just A Summer Job”

It’s Not “Just A Summer Job”

Looking just right to land a summer job, a new position, an uplifting internship or just a new gig can be an art in itself. I caught up with some models backstage recently on TV Hill, filming a segment on the best looks to get the part if you will. What we found is nailing it hasn’t gotten any less complicated. But keeping your look simple and dressing for your audience is never wrong.  The most important thing to remember? The first thing they see is your face.

Model Mackenzie Franklin is just college age and making an impression with a soft pink matte lip, alert eyes lined in soft brown just on top, and a little bit of a sandy pink blush high up on the cheeks. Skip the over-contoured look unless you’re applying for Diva assistant.

Mackenzie’s colleague, Lashira Moné, shows us that definition in your features is what will matter for making an impression at an interview or even for public speaking. She keeps her hair off her face, so not to distract. And she makes sure that – by using the neutral palette of mineral makeup from About Faces’ Jane Iredale collection – she looks balanced and in focus. Her skin is smooth and natural with powder foundation. Her brows are filled in with powder – not overdrawn – and her eyes are lined with minimal shadow. Lashira’s cheeks look healthy with some bronzer and the focus will be on her great interview answers because of her warm neutral cognac lipstick. Not sure what to choose? Try using that bronzer as your lip cheek and eye color. It will be just enough and match.

Of course, worrying about that interview often means you’re not exactly getting a great night’s sleep beforehand, and you sure don’t want those telltale dark circles. My go-to’s for fixing this in a pinch for women of any age or shade are the Bobbi Brown cream, corrector, concealer, and brightening powder shown here. The peach one helps with purple-ish circles and the bisque pink balances out those that are more blue-ish. The yellow brightening powder takes out the redness around the eyes and keeps everything in place.

If you think landing the right job is tough, try starting your own company! So, these under-eye corrector tricks were perfect for Shibani Shinde Patil, who was shooting promos for her new jewelry line at the Vue building in Harbor East. That line – Ri Noor – is available at Wolf and Badger in SoHo, NYC. But Shibani is about to take it national. The former finance employee wanted her features to pop with the jewel tones in her pieces – not distract from them. She found that – once you brighten your eyes – you need less correction than you think.

In 2017, the way to go and to grow seems to be networking. Debbi Basile – owner of SASS Salon in Towson – is an expert in that area. We caught up at Judi Pressman’s “Two Smart Blondes” networking luncheon at Capital Grille and Debbi shared that – if it’s not her great haircut – her lipstick is always what people want to ask her about.

That’s no surprise, since a large part of Debbie’s business is selling a natural, chemical-free, and completely safe brand of cosmetics called Arbonne. I was lured in, myself, after seeing the lovely packaging and her twist on a cute compact engraved with her initials. In the end I discovered our grandmothers were right all along – “Always put on your lipstick before leaving the house.” You never know what new opportunity awaits!

Those of us who weren’t getting the lipstick lecture from our grandmothers, probably had our grandfathers telling us to “tuck in that shirt.’ After a week with the girls, I learned at my Bubbles Salon Towson men’s event that guys have the same concerns. When in doubt, a fresh cut and clean skin will go a long way. I snapped these guys, who are dressed by Banana Republic, which is known for its conservative neutral business-casual palette. Always a great place to start in your own job interviews, guys, if you’re just not sure.

Dr. Steve Sobelman