Style – Worldly, Whopping & (Tail)Wagging

Sonja Song defines her style as Eurasian, a hybrid of European and Asian influences. Sonja loves to wear clothes that are comfortable but show artistic expression and invoke a conversation. I caught Sonja on break at her internship wearing a Zara top, denim skirt from H&M, and sandals from a local market in China.  During the last 2 years she has lived in 3 continents, 4 countries, and has traveled to 20 countries and feels that this journey shapes her view in matching and choosing what to wear. Spain has its color of passion, like both Loewe and Desigual, with their asymmetric, unexpected expressions in the choice of colors and shapes. Meanwhile, France has its expectation of being original, with a free spirit elegance in simple colors, vintage, texture and layers. Consequently, her look has a combination of everything. After her time in the states, she hopes to add some “American honey flavor” in her style too! “For me, fashion is to express your own style and present your appreciation of details. It might be a vintage earring you found from a Parisian flea market, an old dress from your grandma, a lovely pair of shoes from Valentino, a fancy bag from Celine…For one moment, anything you put your own interpretation with a meaning in it, I will call it fashion. It could be a new way you find to wear your scarf, a reflection of postmodernism you read yesterday, even the memory of your ex-boyfriend’s perfume smell. The value is by how you add it in each item.”

Sonja loves telling a story and getting creative when buying clothes and accessories. She chose a practical tote bag by H&M that stood out with the giant words reading across it such as “Random Stuff” and “Giant Mess” and trendy blue mirrored sunglasses by Ale-hop.  She has fun with fashion yet still remains polished and professional where she can go to her internship and University and still be taken seriously.  Sonja takes great pride in getting noticed for her creative style that can be worn just about anywhere. Like Andy Warhol said, “in the future, everyone will get famous for 15 minutes”. Sonja says, “In my understanding, the 15 minutes of fame also goes with fashion. We’re all strangers on the street but when I get stopped by someone who wants to know where I got my shirt or dress, I feel like I’m living in my 15 minutes of trendy glory!”

FOUND – When I was out and about on my travels, at the House of Zen Dali in Delray Beach, Florida, I found a fun find – a giant handwoven tote by Amale from India.  As soon as I picked it up and saw the reflections of the giant mirrors and the colorful pom-poms, I could not put the bag down. Even if you can’t make it down to the shop in South Florida, you can follow them and order things online. Check them out on Instagram, @zen_dali.

The adjective “giant” is an understatement in describing how oversized this bag is. I had to take a picture of my daughter, Jolie – my Mini-Me and already a fashionista herself – to show how huge this bag really is.So many strangers came up to us when I wearing this bag and asked a million questions, like “can you fit a dog and small child in that?” But no matter what funny comments they had, people left with saying, “that is a very cool one-of-a-kind bag!”

I even found fashion influences in some art pieces at the Blue Gallery during my excursion.Artists and brothers Marc & Matt Lipp painted and lacquered a series of wild Bronze French Bulldog sculptures.

One was even spotted up with the LV logo.

And – like the afore-mentioned designer – these sculptures come with a hefty price tag.

Each dog will cost you $6,800 each. Woof…That is one big bite!!!!

About Elizabeth Massing

One look at Elizabeth Massing and you see her fabulous sense of style and artistic self-expression. She combines old and new, classic and trendy, luxurious items and vintage steals.  “Fashion and what you wear should be a statement of who you are and how you feel. You shouldn’t be scared to take risks. It should be fun and make you feel good, no matter your budget or fashion experience,” she says. For Elizabeth, fashion is a way to tell her story.  “I like my stories full of fun and excitement, history and romance, and - from time to time - a little drama. Bold fabrics give me a thrill. Couture makes me swoon. Daring pairings are a magnetic force I cannot overcome,” says this B-more native. Elizabeth also loves to see the “stories” other people tell, which may come from her work in publishing and media as HR Director for The Agora Companies, where - she says - creativity and originality is always encouraged. Now, she’ll be relaying some of those stories to us in her column, “The Haute Find.”  “It’s about finding style on the street, in homes, and out-and-about. It’s an adventure looking for textures, fabrics, and how people add layers of details and interest to their wardrobe.” So, ramp it up, Baltimore. Maybe Elizabeth will be “telling” your story!

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