Prepped & Pretty

Prepped & Pretty

Daisy Smith looked like she just walked off the movie set wearing a classic and feminine dress by Elena Wang that she found in one of her favorite boutiques, Mimi, in Stone Harbor, New Jersey. Luckily for us, you can also find her designs online.

Daisy said the dress reminded her of Julia Roberts’ iconic polka dot dress in Pretty Woman. She said the look is preppier than her normal style, but the “preppy vibe seemed like a perfect fit for a High Noon Society brunch with 14 West and Splash City Golf.”

This smashing outfit was completed with an embossed leather bag from Cuba ($12 from a street vendor!). A great choice to perfect Daisy’s award-winning look!

Jeremy Rosendale was “in the zone” with his smokin’ golf skills – and fashionable attire – at the High Noon Society event held at the Henderson’s Wharf Marina. He was tiki-ready with signature cocktail in hand, wearing a fun blue silk Hawaiian Tommy Bahama shirt and a classic pair of khaki shorts by Chubbies. Jeremy likes his outfits to match his setting and his mood for that day. This proved the perfect combo for a private golf and tiki bar event on the pier. Jeremy has always had fun and a deep appreciation for fashion. He almost moved to New York to study fashion marketing before he started his career in politics and development. “I won best dressed in high school, [an award] which I still hold onto to this day.”

When I see Jeremy at a party, the first thing I do is check out his shoes. Just like Carrie Bradshaw is known for her Manolo’s, Jeremy is known for his Ferragamo’s – a pair in every color to boot (so to speak)! At High Noon, he was wearing the Gancio Bit suede driver in light blue to brilliantly match his shirt.

Confidence and a great presence is the key to pulling off any outfit and winning over a crowd. Jeremy’s general rule is “it’s not about the cost or the label…it’s about the style; how it looks on you and how you pull it off. Anyone can look good in a well-tailored suit whether it’s $100 or $2000.”
Speaking of pulling off any outfit and winning over a crowd…he won me over with a grass skirt that he put on to get into the theme of the event. Aloha Jeremy!

FOUND – Some elegant discoveries of my own at Hunting Ground in Hampden. A classic Givenchy pleated silk skirt along with a wicker basket bag with metal hardware and leather straps…both vintage!The pleated skirt can be intimidating or coined as an “outdated mature look,” but it’s actually a cool outfit essential. You can dress it up by wearing lots of layered jewelry and a fun bag, or wear it with a fitted sweater or blouse tucked in to accentuate your shape. I find them to be very flattering! My rule of thumb is to have fun with it because it’s so easy to work with. Since it’s a classic piece that is professional looking, it allows you some room to take risks when it comes to the accessories. (Editor’s Note: We think Elizabeth is elegantly out-rockin’ Julia Roberts herself in this ensemble!)

I layered a white tank top from Target and a white crop top from Asos, so it can be professional and “work-appropriate” without losing its stylish flair.I also like using a pocket square or small scarf to tie on my bags as an added element of detail. The one I chose was a vintage white “Bon Voyage” scarf with red trim. A pair of brown Gucci heels tied the look together and made me feel like I was about to jet off to Paris!

Elizabeth Massing

One look at Elizabeth Massing and you see her fabulous sense of style and artistic self-expression. She combines old and new, classic and trendy, luxurious items and vintage steals.  “Fashion and what you wear should be a statement of who you are and how you feel. You shouldn’t be scared to take risks. It should be fun and make you feel good, no matter your budget or fashion experience,” she says. For Elizabeth, fashion is a way to tell her story.  “I like my stories full of fun and excitement, history and romance, and - from time to time - a little drama. Bold fabrics give me a thrill. Couture makes me swoon. Daring pairings are a magnetic force I cannot overcome,” says this B-more native. Elizabeth also loves to see the “stories” other people tell, which may come from her work in publishing and media as HR Director for The Agora Companies, where - she says - creativity and originality is always encouraged. Now, she’ll be relaying some of those stories to us in her column, “The Haute Find.”  “It’s about finding style on the street, in homes, and out-and-about. It’s an adventure looking for textures, fabrics, and how people add layers of details and interest to their wardrobe.” So, ramp it up, Baltimore. Maybe Elizabeth will be “telling” your story!