Cocktails al Fresco

Sandlot opened in June in Harbor East and quickly become a go-to spot for revelers looking for a summery place to sip cocktails in a breezy outdoor setting near the water, all situated in the center of downtown.

The latest project from Spike Gjerde’s Foodshed restaurant group, Sandlot lies on the point of land that juts out into the harbor at the foot of the Exelon tower. (It sits atop a capped toxic EPA Superfund site, but let’s not think too hard about that.) It’s an all-outdoor venue, with little opportunity for shade or cover, but if you’re looking for a spot to feel the sand between your toes and sip some adult beverages, it’s perfect.

Interestingly, it’s constructed to be somewhat temporary (with an anticipated 5-year lifespan, pending further development construction on the site), so the main kitchen and bar are located in large shipping containers. There’s also a shiny Airstream trailer that serves drinks, as well as beer tubs scattered about that offer a selection of local craft brews.

If you’re hungry, be prepared to stand on line to place your order, but patience pays off when you dig into some of the island-spiced pulled pork or the spit-fired grilled chicken. As you might expect, the place is popular with a younger, party-seeking crowd, and packs up with crowds on weekends.

But sitting in an Adirondack chair on the sand, sipping a Rum Collins and looking out over the harbor and the city skyline, it’s a pretty pleasant place to be.

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Brian Michael Lawrence is one of THE Baltimore style experts. After all, he was the longtime editor-in-chief at STYLE Magazine, which specialized in covering everything stylish around the Baltimore area. Brian also served as editorial director for the digital division at Sinclair Broadcasting, and creative director at Blue Sky Design. Currently, he oversees communications & marketing for the department of Tourism, Film & the Arts at Maryland’s Commerce Department.  In his bi-weekly column, you’ll get to see what cool hotspots are piquing the interest of this Baltimore style maven and why - whether it's the fabulous food, cool cocktails or elegant environs.

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