Kiss…& Makeup!

Kiss…& Makeup!

Many times in summers past, Baltimore beauties have tossed their lipsticks, and just gone with waterproof eye pencil and mascara. That trend is going away, particularly with fall fast approaching. After doing some research into the cosmetic sales trends report for the first half of 2017, I found that lips are once again taking the lead over the eye and cheek categories.

A Style Studio of Pikesville not only just moved a few doors down from their old digs into old Valley Hair spot at 25 Hooks Lane, but they’re right on trend. They’ve installed a new lip bar and makeup counter, not only keeping up with the Joneses, but also staying ahead of them. You’ll find me there the eve of their grand opening September 14th.

Another local beauty go-to – About Faces – is upping its selection by adding the line from celebrity makeup artist Kevyn Aucoin Sept 1st. Known for designing “The New Nakeds” for Ultima II, Kevyn’s own line is a bit more bold. Check out his “Forever Pink” on About Faces owner Helga Surratt, whom I ran into at the Hippodrome.

When you just can’t decide about lipstick – or maybe it’s just too darn hot to deal with it – a nude lip pencil with a bit of Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm over it can do the trick. This was especially apparent poolside with model Jennifer Ortiz and a friend, who were filming Christopher Schafer’s “The Goods” last weekend in Monkton.

Meanwhile, new bride Katrina met with me to find the perfect nude for her wedding to test out on this weekend’s beach trip. The result was “Brown Sugar” by Laura Mercier, followed by their “Plumberry” lip pencil.

If you can’t get to that local shop for your season-changing lip color, makeup artist Takia Ross actually runs an entire beauty bus that will come to you, host parties, or take your glam squad on the road. Here she is pictured backstage filming with me on a panel for Elite Secrets Bridal Boutique’s apprenticeship program wearing a trendy Kat von Dee’s “Roxy” in matte violet. Her boutique offers its own private label and Limelight by Alcone colors.

I bumped into Smashbox artist Renee Smith while stocking up on all these tricks for my own kit at the new Towson Ulta. Her look was an irresistible 90’s throwback to “The Craft” and even “The Crow” with her “Plum Role” matte lipstick by Smashbox. On a side note, this color actually turns a sort of flattering berry on deeper skin.

Not just the girls had all the fun. In preparing for an upcoming project on theatrical makeup I spent some time with a local master of that, Gavin Hebert, getting in costume to film his promo shots with Mount Vernon-based Palmisano Productions. He proves sometimes you just have to take things into your own hands even if it involves gluing the look you want on yourself.

I’ve always been one who’s happy to be a guinea pig. So, after seeing Gavin’s lip art, I was happy to go backstage at the Royal Farms Arena with the cast of Cirque Du Solei’s OVO and try something bold myself.

My artist was Catherine, who plays the aerial butterfly in the show.

She quickly got me into a blue lip popular with rap stars like Nikki Minaj right now, that she created by using a charcoal grey paint from Ben Nye – a stage makeup line – followed by MAC “Turquatic” blue pigment pressed on top.

This is not for the faint of heart and I decided to stay on the ground and enjoy the show while she hit the ropes!

Dr. Steve Sobelman