Cut-outs, Kicks & Communicating with Style

Cut-outs, Kicks & Communicating with Style

Let’s start at the recent High Noon Society’s event at the Under Armour House. That’s where I found Alex Dreisch watching the Ravens game, radiantly sipping a grapefruit whiskey smash, and talking to other Living Classroom Rising Stars and creative professionals.

Alex was wearing a long cut-out floral dress from South Moon Under. She felt that “having grown up in Baltimore and attending University of South Carolina, you’d likely expect me to have a more stereotypical preppy look, but that’s never really been my style.” Alex’s go-to’s include flowy shirts and dresses, rompers, neutral colors, and fun patterns. She also claims she’s a sucker for cut-outs.
Count me in as a fan of the cut-out concept in fashion, as well. IF it’s executed correctly. Alex’s dress was – with perfectly placed cut-outs, so that it still had a sophisticated feel to it. She can easily throw on a little sweater or jacket if showing skin is too risqué. I have a cut-out dress that I wear with a fitted bright colored sweater to work. Then, I take it off at 5 and I’m ready to jet-set around town. It’s very versatile, and not very commonly worn. Not a lot of people have enough confidence to try on cut-out clothing and to see how flattering it truly can be on them. My fashion rule of thumb is always try on everything of interest…even if you think you can’t pull it off. Chances are you can and you’ll feel fabulous!

With a “no stiletto” heel rule to protect the turf, Alex chose a classic Tory Burch sandal from Nordstrom to wear with her dress. She also had on a simple Vrai & Oro necklace. When it comes to jewelry, Alex “likes to keep it simple with dainty pieces.” When talking about her style she said, “I don’t know that I can really define my style, I just like to do my own thing in comfortable clothes that make me feel sexy.”

Trish D’Angelo stood out in the crowd as I spotted her strutting her stuff in Mt. Vernon. She was wearing a flattering navy dress with bell sleeves by Union of Angels, she bought at the Sandestin Resort in Florida. The dress had a flattering fit along with adorable white embroidery, highlighting its dramatic tiered sleeves. 
Trish said she doesn’t have a particular style or any rules that she follows. When she sees something she likes, she buys it! She doesn’t mess around with getting caught up with the details of buying matching items or what will go with pieces already in her closet. Since Trish doesn’t love taking time out of her busy day to go shopping constantly, she says she “does not mind spending money on that one piece that I can’t live without. But, I love to find a sale or bargain.” Seeing Trish around town, I would classify her as fashionably chic…stylish yet practical! She is able to go from one setting to the next and feel that she is dressed appropriately without compromising the element of interest and intrigue.

Trish added a funky twist by throwing on a pair of DSW light stone colored perforated peep-toe booties. What a fun way to showcase a fun nail polish! Trish had fun with this by choosing a bright teal color while still keeping her look sophisticated.  The bootie is one of my personal favorite accessories. They can be worn with so many different outfits and to create many different looks. Among my faves: wearing booties with skinny jeans, so a little bare skin on the ankle area peeks out between the shoe and the jeans. Also, I love wearing booties with a romper. It’s very slimming and can make a casual outfit turn sexy! They’re also adorable worn with a dress or skirt…the possibilities are endless! So, next time when you find yourself in a store with a bootie in hand, debating whether you should buy it, say “yes!” A practical and essential piece to any fashionista’s wardrobe!

I found one of Baltimore’s very own fashion divas – Andrea Kaplan – walking in Roland Park to go to work at the shop she owns – Love Me Two Times – one of my all-time favorite consignment stores in town. She was wearing a knock-out bold colored floral dress by Warm. Andrea isn’t a novice when it comes to fashion. She’s a true artist in mixing colors, patterns and styles together. I always look forward to seeing what she’s wearing at the different events and functions in town. Andrea says fashion is “the true communicator.”Andrea communicates a personal style that’s a mix of vintage and boho/rocker-glam, along with some classic touches. Combining couture pieces with inexpensive ones is one of the tricks of the fashion trade that Andrea follows. No matter what designers she’s wearing or how much she’s spent, she always looks glamourous and like she came straight off the runway. Andrea likes to think outside of the box when it comes to fashion and likes pulling pieces from different designers and eras to complete an outfit.

Andrea has a love for gorgeous heels and stunning bags! Her motto is that “accessories really do elevate an outfit.” She was wearing a pair of mint green patent leather Jimmy Choo wedges and the detail of the Jimmy Choo plate logo under the toe and the unique color were breathtaking. When I was taking a picture I had to check the size to see if they would fit me. I was tempted to ask if I could buy them from her since she does own the store that does just that! Needless to say, it’s not uncommon to find goodies like these in her shop. Andrea also layered a few colored vintage necklaces to her ensemble. Tres magnifique! “I love expressing myself through my style. And of course, fashion is the best mood elevator ever! Nothing can cheer you up better than the ultimate weapon of a fabulous outfit!” she told me. Amen, girl!

Sloane Brown

Baltimore's longtime fashion and social scene reporter, Sloane is the founder/managing editor of Baltimore Snap.