What to Wear: Maritime Magic

I find that picking an outfit for Living Classrooms’ big bash, “Maritime Magic,” is a bit tricky.  There are some people in jeans, other people are dressed for a gala  and the bulk of folks fall somewhere in between. Plus…it’s an inside/outside event  with different types of flooring.

In the spirit of full disclosure, my outfit last year was an epic fail. In theory, the ensemble was super cute. In actuality…it was a practical nightmare! For some reason I had this burning desire to wear a pair of 6-inch platform Louboutins. Worst idea ever. Between the rain and the floors, I’m lucky I didn’t capsize right there on the waterfront. Not to mention, my friend Kyla Possinger – who I’m pictured with here – swears that the event did a number on her Valentino Rockstuds. Massive blunder on both our parts. So, this year – older and wiser (and with a pair of slightly destroyed Louboutins safely tucked in the back of my closet) – I’m going a far more practical route.

I stopped by L’Apparenza in Lake Falls Village {6080 Falls Road, Baltimore 21209} for the first time and was thrilled with the selection. Per usual, I wasn’t able to narrow it down to one choice (shocker). The first dress to catch my eye was a pink Shoshanna number. I’m very into bell sleeves right now; they do wonders for making your arms look thinner than they really are. Not to mention, I like the delicateness of the color. It’s lovely and light, but not too pink (in other words, you won’t look like Malibu Barbie). (Shoshanna dress $400, photo courtesy L’Apparenza)

Next, I found this cobalt blue dress by Jay Godfrey. The color really pops. Not to mention, the weather is turning. So, if you want to show skin, now is the time. After all, nothing screams “college party” like a short sleeveless dress with no jacket in the dead of winter. (Jay Godfrey dress $320, photo courtesy jaygodfrey.com)

My last – but not least – pick is this amazing romper from DVF. I LOVE rompers. They are the perfect marriage between cocktail dress and jumpsuit. The satin takes it from casual to cocktail. (DVF Dress $328, photo courtesy dvf.com)

While at L’Apparenza, I spotted some great accessories. The clutch is by Milly and has just the right amount of edge. After all, delicate is nice, but leather with heavy hardware makes a statement. What’s best about this bag…it comes with a shoulder strap. That way, if you holding a drink and food, you can sling it off the side and have your hands free. (Milly bag $320)

As you might have gathered with my little Louboutin “lapse,” footwear is key to dressing for Maritime Magic. I’m not gonna lie – I probably wouldn’t buy new shoes for this event. Find a pair of non-stiletto black booties or sandals in your closet that are on their last leg. That said, if – like me last year – you can’t resist the desire to sport something new, I found these online at Barneys Warehouse {www.barneyswarehouse.com]. They look comfortable and have a solid heel. (DVF Shoes $179, reduced from $348, photo courtesy barneyswarehouse.com).

Throw in a pair of Lisa Freede pyramid studs (a steal for $60 at L’Apparenza) and we’re ready to go. Trust me, I now speak from experience. As boring as practical can be, it beats being that girl who totters around on all that concrete with an expression of agony on her face! xx

About Veida McCampbell

Anyone who knows Veida McCampbell will tell you that she knows how to dress. Whether she's going to a meeting, heading to a workout or en route to a party, she’s always turned out perfectly for the occasion.   Veida looks at personal style as an opportunity to make a statement about yourself without having to speak a single word.   “Someone’s impression of you is often determined by what you are wearing. Why not make it a good one?” she says.   It’s one thing to be able to style yourself. It’s another to be able to help others that way. Veida has mastered the art of both. Before she started her marketing consulting business, Veida worked as a television producer in LA. As a producer, part of her job was - you guessed it – helping style the on-camera talent.    Working in the entertainment industry gave her exposure and access to leading designers and stylists, which further boosted her fashion education. With Veida back in Baltimore and now the go-to fashion advisor for many of her friends, we’ve asked her to share her knowledge and skill with us. In her bi-weekly column, “What To Wear,” Veida will rely on Baltimore area shops to both put together outfits she suggests for upcoming Baltimore events, and to answer some of your style questions.

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