What to Wear: Night of 100 Elvises

When I heard about the “Night of 100 Elvises” – the annual fundraiser for Johns Hopkins Children’s Center that draws Elvis tribute artists from all over the country to Baltimore – the first thing that came to mind wardrobe-wise was a white jumpsuit.

Then reality struck, and I realized that it is December 2nd on the east coast and perhaps a white jumpsuit might not be the most practical of choices for an evening out. So, instead I opted for one of my favorite styles – rock n’ roll with a little glam. (Photo courtesy Google Images)

It was love at first site with this Joie blouse from Alice Jane {1407 Clarkview Rd Suite 500, Baltimore, MD 21209}. I love everything about it – the bow, the color, how it hangs. AND you can wear it out and to work. What more could a girl ask for? (Joie Blouse $298, Photo courtesy Alice Jane)

When it came time to pick bottoms, I knew I needed something a little edgy to counteract the shirt’s girly bow. I love skinny pants and I love velvet. So, when I saw this pair of Paige’s at Alice Jane, I knew I was heading in the right direction. (Paige High Rise Velvet Pants $249, Photo courtesy paige.com)

As far as shoes go, how Elvis are these Giuseppe’s?!? For once in my life, I was actually speechless when I stumbled upon them. They are currently on sale from $795 to $477 on netaporter.com. (Fun Fact: I tend to stock up on designer shoes twice a year – once around the holidays and once during summer sale season). (Photo courtesy netaporter.com)

Let’s face it, the shoes are flashy. So, as far as accessories are concerned, I recommend going simple, simple, simple. You can get these hoops by Escape from Paris for $49 at Boutique W {Green Spring Station, 2360 Joppa Road #1, Lutherville, MD 21903} (Photo courtesy Boutique W)

I’m not sure why, but in my head I correlate “The King” with leopard print. So, when I saw this J.Crew top coat, I knew it was the missing link to my Elvis-Inspired-Rock-Queen look. Not to mention, leopard is 100 percent a neutral – so you can wear it all winter. It’s selling out quickly, but you can reserve yours on jcrew.com and pick it up at their Harbor East location {120 International Drive, Baltimore, MD 21202} (Photo courtesy jcrew.com)

The best part of this look is that you can wear all of these items over and over all winter. If that’s not a reason to shop, I don’t know what is! Have fun getting groovy as you channel your inner Elvis! xx

About Veida McCampbell

Anyone who knows Veida McCampbell will tell you that she knows how to dress. Whether she's going to a meeting, heading to a workout or en route to a party, she’s always turned out perfectly for the occasion.   Veida looks at personal style as an opportunity to make a statement about yourself without having to speak a single word.   “Someone’s impression of you is often determined by what you are wearing. Why not make it a good one?” she says.   It’s one thing to be able to style yourself. It’s another to be able to help others that way. Veida has mastered the art of both. Before she started her marketing consulting business, Veida worked as a television producer in LA. As a producer, part of her job was - you guessed it – helping style the on-camera talent.    Working in the entertainment industry gave her exposure and access to leading designers and stylists, which further boosted her fashion education. With Veida back in Baltimore and now the go-to fashion advisor for many of her friends, we’ve asked her to share her knowledge and skill with us. In her bi-weekly column, “What To Wear,” Veida will rely on Baltimore area shops to both put together outfits she suggests for upcoming Baltimore events, and to answer some of your style questions.

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