Courtney Madeline Boutique

Courtney Madeline Boutique

Take it as a #signofthetimes.  Albeit, we don’t need clothing to feel the beauty of life…

…but a little leopard print goes a long way! Get yours in the form of a wide brim hat and combat that chill in the air this winter in style. This one is waiting for that special someone @CourtneyMadelineBoutique in Lake Shore.

Layer it up in every color as crisscross style cami’s fly off the shelves as one of the ‘it’ must-haves to spice up a wardrobe. Worn under a V-neck sweater or even a blazer, this underpinning will not break the bank.

Grab hold of the #embroiderytrend. From eveningwear to shoes to swimwear, it’s everywhere. It’s even taken athleisure in a new direction. Courtney shows off this soft and supple line from Los Angeles #EntroUSA. In heather grey, this lace-up hoodie stands out with colorful 3D sleeves. #Relaxed #Refreshed #RedCarpetTrend

There’s something about a quality camel quilted vest, adorned with gold hardware and chocolate suede piping that oozes class and elegance. Paired with a warm T-neck or a long sleeve crewneck, it’s an easy layering piece that gives the impression of a true equestrian. Find it at #CourtneyMadelineBoutique #ActiveUSA

#GraphicTees have revolutionized how we wear words on clothing. Thought-provoking and – often times – funny, it never fails that you find one you like and there’s a better one right next door. Looking for a #MarylandGift perhaps? Santa Claws is your ticket to having more fun while opening holiday gifts with friends. #ConversationDressing

Pocket-sized, award winning, refillable and retractable, lint rolling is a thing now. I’d say it’s a fashionable #StockingStuffer option for all your lady friends who like to roll with it! Courtney has them available in every color #meet.flint @CourtneyMadelineBoutique

When temperatures climb and fall, #layering should be your modus operandi to keep cool contemporary and comfortable. Think outside the box and choose a statement piece. Practical and glamorous, joy + beautiful = #Jodiflstyle and this affordable line from L.A. creates dimension with a #winterwhite metallic crochet vest to wear over any underlying basics.