Street Snaps: The Avenue

Street Snaps: The Avenue

Razzle dazzle, SNAP on the Avenue!!!!! With store windows ablaze with color and glitter, the neon cornucopia of the holiday season prevails. Hampden’s famed 36th Street is a catwalk of style (with fingerless gloves making a particularly strong stand). Couples canoodling, individuals styling, generations bonding, bearded bros carousing – all bringin’ a jingle. Then there’s that tingle in the air, as the spirits discern who’s been naughty and who’s been nice.

But as sugar plum fairies sprinkle their magic dust, and nutcrackers tamper their drums, spirited shoppers – fueled by brunches and Bloody Mary’s – strive to “shop small” at the unique boutiques of Hampden. The thrill of the hunt roars as everyone seeks that perfect something for that perfect someone.

As perfectly paired as mistletoe and mystique are Lauren and Eddie. {Seen on 36th St.}

Fa La La La La Fabulous are August and Kyle {Seen outside Golden West}

Caffeine boost bolsters Paula and Allison {Seen on 36th St.}

Who’s naughty and who’s nice, Santa? Janelle or Emma? {Seen on 36th St.}

Mark Miller is “all in” for shopping small this holiday {Seen in front of Trohv}

Ombre hair, tats, this rock n’ roll chick brings it! Bravo, Channon Delivuk! {Seen at Trohv}

Aris Lindter is a walking human ornament! {Seen at Trohv}

“Oh, starry night, the stars are brightly shining.” Elijah Duan is a holiday vision {Seen in front of Bryan’s Finds and Designs}

Phew, Rob needed time to reboot with a Bloody! {Seen at Five and Dime Alehouse on 36th St.}

Generations speak volumes for Joe and Jack Schneider, grandpa & grandson. A French tip of the hat from Joe, while Jack goes for baroque with his neckband {Seen at brunch at Five and Dime Alehouse}

Queenly Barbara Hecht is regal while granddaughter Caroline Miller is a modern princess. {Seen in front of The Parisian Flea}

Pearls + Purple Lips – Generations connecting w/love. Grandma Anne Phillips and granddaughter Ivy Stickler {Seen on 36th St.}

“Shop ’til you Drop,” say what?! Gerry Waucht and Laura Grabill are kickin’ it on Shop Small Saturday. Call Gerry a trendsetter. She’s shopped in Hampden all (okay, almost all) 72 years she’s lived there. {Seen on 36th St.}

Eden Carsen keeps warm by looking cool {Seen at Caravanserai}

Bearded bro’s – Robert, Jacob, Kevin, and Rowan – ebulliently elevate their acquisitions {Seen on 36th St.}

And Santa better take notes on modern manscaping!

On this beautiful bench rests the Ghosts of Christmas Past to remind all of us to keep it sane, keep it clear, keep it focused, keep it dear!
And that’s how we roll on the streets of Baltimore! Merry, Merry!