Kicking Style Up A Notch

Kicking Style Up A Notch

It would be hard not to do a double-take when passing Alice on the street. She immediately caught my eye and interest with her edgy rocker-chic look. And as a professional model, she was more than happy to pose for the camera and share the deetz on her awesome get-up with me.

Her look was very sleek, thanks to her patent leather pants from H&M. She said she liked these much better than a similar pair of couture ones she bought from a top designer that cost over 20 times as much. (In fact, I loved these pants so much I picked up a pair for myself.) The way she chose to style her hair only added to the sleekness of her look.
While sleek and sophisticated, she incorporated a quirky and fun pink blouse from Burberry with little cats all over it. Her heeled black boots and long black sweater were from one of my favorite stores, Zara. I especially loved the sophistication brought to her look by her Givenchy black-rimmed glasses she found on sale at a T.J. Maxx. What a steal! Alice’s look is a perfect balance of affordable pieces paired with designer ones, leaving the whole outfit looking high-end, interesting and unique.

Oh, and let’s not forget her maroon and velvet Steve Madden bag, too cute!

Her furry slippers from Target with vintage shoe clips from The Zone were oh-so-fashion-forward, stylish, and fun! But, where her shoes started the conversation….

…her other – sparkly – accessories kept it going. Her sparkly ring from The Zone and clutch from a yard sale were also great vintage finds.

She added an exclamation point with her statement necklace from Bauble Bar. When I asked Lindsay about her style, she defined it as “urban preppy hipster” with a strong leaning towards vintage and I definitely agree!

FOUND – While browsing online for some holiday gifts, I landed on Zulily (a staple in my house). I found these vibrant Asian slippers with intricate tassels that will electrify any outfit you choose. They can be worn with skinny jeans or a cute skirt, to add a pop of color to your fall wardrobe.

As the weather gets colder and clothes get darker, adding color to your wardrobe seems to be going against tradition. But a few colorful accessories – like these amazing slippers – add more depth to your outfits and helps move away from a monochromatic color schemes. Another perk of these slippers is that they’re incredibly comfortable, but still look incredibly fashionable, a win-win in my opinion!