Tis the Season for Style!

Tis the Season for Style!

14 West recently had its annual Holiday Party, and it did not disappoint! This year it was held at the new and very fashionable, Sagamore Pendry Hotel in lower Fells Point. Everyone turned out in their best…

…including Serena Savage. Her outfit looked sophisticated, sleek, and classic, while also incorporating a touch of modern as well. I loved her black, sequined jacket and clutch, both from a boutique in Rio de Janeiro that has sadly since closed. Serena says her “style is a little NY, a little Paris, and a little Rio. (My experience has been that fashion trends show up in Rio before they hit NYC).”
Her asymmetrical, off the shoulder top from Helmut Lang was the perfect combination of sexy and classy. “I like classic with a twist.” Serena says. “Always include something a little unexpected like a bold color, something asymmetrical, or feathers. Take risks – think different, and have fun!” I especially loved her Calvin Klein tuxedo pants, feeling that they brought a certain level of sophistication to her outfit. Her Mignonne Gavigan fanned earrings gave her look that subtle touch of fun and avant-garde that it needed. And let’s not forget her beautiful feathered shawl. When she said she got it from Talbots, my mouth dropped open…it truly looks as though it could have been from a big name designer costing 15x as much.

Her over-sized Bijoux Box quarts ring was to die for and tied into her outfit perfectly. Overall, Serena’s look was the perfect balance of sexy, cool, and sophisticated, leaving her with a flawless look for this fancy and fun occasion.

While walking the streets of Mount Vernon, I came across Emmaline Nolan. Emmaline looked so chic, and her outfit looked so well thought out that I had to snap a few pics of her. Emmaline said that 90% of her style is either consignment or Buffalo Exchange.
“I honestly can’t afford tons of the brands I have in my closet. I would argue that Portland (where she is from) has some of the best consignment and second hand clothing stores in the country, so this is how I grew up shopping. I grew up ‘treasure hunting’ on the weekends – going to Buffalo Exchange, Red Light, Goodwill, and tons of other stores to see what I could find. I’ve found Gucci belts, $300 pairs of boots, designers from Paris, the list goes on. Shopping is way more fun when you have no idea what you’re going to find, and its way more exciting when you end up with a one-of-a-kind vintage, or discontinued killer item. It’s way more fun to wear something that no one else is going to have, so I guess this is a big part of what has inspired my style,” she explained.
While she said her usual style is edgy bohemian and eclectic, today she was headed to her office, ready to do some business. In my opinion, she’s managed to perfectly balance fun, flirty, and chic, while still looking work appropriate. This isn’t always easy. Sometimes work clothes can leave us looking boring and bland, but Emmaline’s managed to maintain her style and make a statement, while still looking professional. One of my favorite things about this look is her pleated skirt by Willow and Clay. I also loved her blazer by H&M, and her necklace from Buffalo Exchange.

While I loved her skirt, the real standout piece was her shoes. By Marc Fischer, they are a bright blue suede material, with a fun lace up in the front.

And talk about attention to detail, Emmaline’s bright blue heels perfectly matched her New Creations earrings-I loved these! They are simple, yet full of personality and sparkle (literally).
One of the greatest parts about running into Emmaline was talking fashion and learning about her very own fashion endeavor, Twila Ray – www.twilaray.com – that she’ll be launching this spring 2018. Emmaline described Twila Ray as edgy bohemian.
“Twila Ray is inspired off the idea of individual style and expression. Although I will be aware of current trends, we won’t necessarily be carrying ‘trendy’ items in my store. Instead, I will be carrying items that I absolutely love with and would want in my own closet. Unique items that you wouldn’t see everywhere. Things that encourage people to be creative with their look and express their own individual style/personality. Another part of the inspiration for my boutique is to encourage others to pursue their passions and create their best life. I will be supporting small/newer businesses by carrying a large percentage of my inventory from local artists and people/businesses I find to be passionate about their endeavors.”
Be sure check out her website to sign up to receive her email updates and stay tuned on what’s to come for Twila Ray.

Beth was an artistic inspiration when I saw her in Dooby’s coffee bar in Mt. Vernon. Maybe my mind was still in “Art Basel-land” but Beth’s outfit and colors spoke to me. She was wearing a pair of bold color and pattern tights from Kokopelli and a deep purple Salaam top found from the retailer Sahalie. Beth purchased the tights in Columbia Mall after she saw a model wearing them in a fashion show to benefit the Women’s Giving Circle of Howard County, a charity she helped found. Beth described her clothing style as eclectic and said that it carried over to her lifestyle. She decorates her home with that same creative flair. She loves combining pieces different vintage pieces from consignment and second-hand stores or unique pieces that catch her eye.
Beth states that “as the Executive Director of the Children’s Scholarship Fund Baltimore, I have the privilege of meeting our clients when they visit our office.” She even gets to inspire them every day! “A client who admired a pair of brown Doc Martens tie-ups I was wearing was able to go and get a pair herself, since I shared that I had purchased them at Goodwill. She went the next day and found a similar pair in her size.”

Beth was prepared and dressed for the cold when I saw her but her fashion savvy was on fire and kept her warm. “I dressed for the cold as our offices are without heat for the moment but I also think you can combine comfort with fashion – I do NOT suffer painful footwear for the sake of the fashion goddess.” Her furry boots are UGG, but a wilder version than the ones you normally see people sporting. She found these in the SoHo UGG store while on a trip with her daughter, but save yourself the hike and buy online. Beth has fun shopping for shoes because she wears the same size as her daughter and can justify buying shoes they love because they share!

Beth’s coat was handmade by an artist in Santa Fe and she found her bright pink scarf from Target! Not one part of Beth’s outfit was lifeless or lacking color…even down to her hair comb, which was perfectly placed on her ponytail. A true walking piece of art!

Sloane Brown

Baltimore's longtime fashion and social scene reporter, Sloane is the founder/managing editor of Baltimore Snap.