Street Snaps: Kickin’ it in the Cold

Street Snaps: Kickin’ it in the Cold

Brrrrrrrrr…Baby, it was cold outside!!!  January roared in like a lion (move over March) with wafts of wind and splashes of ice and snow.  But that factor did not daunt the spirit of fashion savants of Baltimore. Though most folks were cocooned in  scarves, cats , mittens and gloves, style defined many on our Baltimore streets.  Pompoms rule the style quotidian this winter. Topping most hats, dotting scarves and sneakers, they are beacons of happiness on these cold days. Giant colorful poofs declare the new look for earmuffs. And cold be damned, the lust for fashion persists, as one couple decides that goth still rules, while another gal finds a vintage mink coat from grandma’s closet a powerful source of warmth and glamour. Finally, the sun broke through with a little warmth, and people were emerging on the streets to find cars with frozen batteries and flat tires.  Making extraordinary things happen on ordinary days – old fashioned chivalry helps out one very cold and very thankful fashionista. The human experience always comes first.

A cocoon wrap of scarves, mittens, boots and gloves, and this gal’s glowing smile heat up the day! {Seen on Thames street in Fells Point}

This fashion-forward gal punctuates her black coat/hat with colorful pointillist pompom punctuation marks. Perfect!

This fashionista obviously will not let the cold dim her fashion sense. Ears are wildly warm under these giant snowballs of color, as her midriff is oblivious to the cold. {Janell as seen on Exeter Street outside of South Moon Under}

Belts, buckles, leather – and plenty of sass – maximize the cheekiness of this couple’s look. Mini leather skirt, leggings and black-and-white spectators may not be everyone’s winter gear, but it certainly warms the fashion spirit. Notice taken of the leather studded fingerless gloves. {Tom and Eden walking and shopping in Fells Point}

Move over Marilyn Monroe. Retro glamour and warmth, this blond mink with shawl collar/hood speak 1950’s but allow this gal to still sport some décolletage in zero degrees. It’s a wow! {Alyssa as seen on Thames Street outside of Frederick Douglas Museum}

Zero degrees – he’s in shorts, she’s cuddled in warmth. A flat tire is one meet cute, as they say in rom-com speak. Chivalry is not dead. (Pardon my shadow!) {Alexis and Christian changing tire on Bond Street Fells Point} And that’s how we roll in the cold in Baltimore!

Sloane Brown

Baltimore's longtime fashion and social scene reporter, Sloane is the founder/managing editor of Baltimore Snap.