What to Wear: Fake Wedding

Fun fact: I HATE the mall. I know, for someone who loves to shop, you’d think I’d love the mall. Not the case. That said, when I saw the invite for Black Tie Baltimore and Volunteering Untapped’s “Fake Wedding” on February 24th, I knew a trip to the mall was probably in order.  The dress code is “Black Tie Optional” which in my mind means “excuse to get a new dress.” And…well…the mall and dresses kinda go hand in hand. So, I headed off to Towson Town Center (700 Fairmount Ave, 21286).

I parked at Nordstrom with full intentions of going straight to Zara. Well, of course, I got sidetracked by this red dress by Topshop. It’s called an “asymmetrical ruffle midi dress” and it’s pretty much amazing. (Topshop Dress $98, Photo courtesy nordstrom.com)

Once I got out of Nordstrom, I bee-lined it to Zara and that’s where I spotted this floral number. Now, at real weddings, it’s important not to upstage the bride and to always wear something that will look timeless in the couple’s photos. However, at a fake wedding, who cares about that stuff! I love a jumpsuit as an alternative to a dress AND this pattern is super on-trend. The best part? At $69.90, you’re not breaking the bank on something you probably won’t want to be photographed in twice. (Photo courtesy zara.com)

When I saw these gold sandals, I knew they were perfect for either the dress or the jumpsuit. You can’t really go wrong with them. Think about it… No one has ever said “I can’t believe she wore those simple gold sandals last night.” (Sandals $49.90, photo courtesy zara.com)

I made my way to the checkout and I spotted these earrings. I’m all about the gold/silver contrast. Not to mention, they are big enough to make a statement, but not so big that they make your ears hurt. (Earrings $17.90, photo courtesy zara.com)

Per usual, I saw a second pair of earrings that I loved. Now, these are so big that they probably will hurt your ears. So, it’s really a matter of how much you’re willing to suffer to look smashing. (Earrings $19.90, photo courtesy zara.com)

On my back to the car, I decided to stop into Nordstrom Rack. After all, I had already made the trip to the burbs, I might as well save some money while I was there. I got this gold maxi dress by Lulus on super clearance for $49.95. I actually got it for a 70’s-themed party, but you could totally wear it to the Fake Wedding. Especially, if you’re feeling more “black tie” than “black tie optional.” (Photo courtesy Google Images)

The best part of all of these items (well… with the exception of the floral jumpsuit…) you can wear them again to a real wedding. xx

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Anyone who knows Veida McCampbell will tell you that she knows how to dress. Whether she's going to a meeting, heading to a workout or en route to a party, she’s always turned out perfectly for the occasion.   Veida looks at personal style as an opportunity to make a statement about yourself without having to speak a single word.   “Someone’s impression of you is often determined by what you are wearing. Why not make it a good one?” she says.   It’s one thing to be able to style yourself. It’s another to be able to help others that way. Veida has mastered the art of both. Before she started her marketing consulting business, Veida worked as a television producer in LA. As a producer, part of her job was - you guessed it – helping style the on-camera talent.    Working in the entertainment industry gave her exposure and access to leading designers and stylists, which further boosted her fashion education. With Veida back in Baltimore and now the go-to fashion advisor for many of her friends, we’ve asked her to share her knowledge and skill with us. In her bi-weekly column, “What To Wear,” Veida will rely on Baltimore area shops to both put together outfits she suggests for upcoming Baltimore events, and to answer some of your style questions.

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