#LinkedIn Local Baltimore

#LinkedIn Local Baltimore

February 21, 2018 – Pixilated 

Pictured (LtoR) Nic China, Pixilated CEO; and Jolie Kumin, Pixilated chief of operations

Pictured (LtoR) Joe Zumbo and Melody Baron, event co-hosts

Pictured (LtoR) Anna Leventis, SoBo Cafe managing member; Alison Schuch, Good Vibes Consulting co-founder; Kohli Flick, Becket Hitch owner/founder; and Kate Rowe, Good Vibes Consulting co-founder (Photo courtesy LinkedIn Local Baltimore)

Pictured (LtoR) Stephanie Ranno, Torchlight Hire director of enterprise business development; and Patrick Rife, Pixilated founder/chief visionary officer (Photo courtesy LinkedIn Local Baltimore)

Pictured (LtoR) Kimberly Shorter, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services program analyst; and Tawanza Anthony, Sprint project manager (Photo courtesy LinkedIn Local Baltimore)

Pictured (LtoR) Jason Dixon, Neuberger and Company, Inc. executive vice president; Ben Guttman, North Central Insurance Agency insurance advisor; and Mark Luttrell, Advance IT sales executive (Photo courtesy LinkedIn Local Baltimore)

The evening’s featured speaker Jason Dixon, Neuberger & Company executive vice president, demonstrates with a LinkedIn Local Baltimore attendee how non-verbal communication tells a story and how to use it as a tool in developing relationships. (Photo courtesy LinkedIn Local Baltimore)

A full house at the Pixilated headquarters and studios for LinkedIn Local Baltimore’s Meetup. Folks had a chance of socially connect in person and learn a few skills for such along the way.

Sloane Brown

Baltimore's longtime fashion and social scene reporter, Sloane is the founder/managing editor of Baltimore Snap.