Face Value: Slammin’ & Jammin’ Makeup Trends

At last weekend’s ACC Show – the largest curated fine crafts show in the country – the American Craft Council put on a “Style Slam.”

Several local stylists put together chic ensembles, and local interior designers created cool rooms using pieces created by artists in the show – the whole thing was emceed by Snap’s own Sloane Brown.

I had the honor of hosting the beauty team for the whirlwind day of model quick changes and on-the-spot makeovers. We highlighted three current cosmetic trends: monochromatic bronze, ultraviolet everything (thanks, Pantone!), and 90’s nudes (a subdued look that left a little open to interpretation).

Here we caught Carisa braving the bright convention center lights barefaced – not to be confused with the 90’s nudes look – as makeup artist Ida Slaughter makes quick work getting her face on trend.

Minutes later – after a dash around the show to pick out great accessories for Carisa with her stylist Taylor Evans – Ida had worked her ultraviolet ways on Carisa’s transformation. Ida used: a pale lavender shadow that she emphasized with deeper purple shadow smudged over dark plum liner; a full coverage foundation from Nars to handle all the purple powder (hey, it’s a show isn’t it?); a plum contour shade also from Nars; and finished with a pale lilac lipstick and slightly visible plum liner. (Trend alert: The visible lip liner is another thing that’s coming back into vogue!)

Later in the day, Ida was challenged with taking it up another notch for a night out. So, how do you go for added drama? Why like any brilliant Baltimore beauty, you add a pair of strip lashes, some purple glitter liner over the top, a lilac shimmer highlighter, and deeper lipstick in the same tone. Ta-Daaaa!

I have to give kudos to stylist Taylor Evans for her preferred look for herself and clients, which is a bit more subdued. Taylor let me fix her up a little myself, incorporating a subtle version of all three trends. We used soft plum instead of full on violet and kept it a little shiny and monochromatic all over . You can have 3x the fun without looking overdone. She loved the plumberry nude lip stain that pulled everything together and didn’t require touch-ups.

Jessica Andrea Potee – who modeled for stylist Jason Tom – proved monochromatic and 90’s nudes don’t have to be boring. Her glam squad, Sergio and partner Greg, pulled a trick used often by 90’s nude queen herself Kate Moss by smudging her kohl liner and tossing a vibrant lip over the daytime nudes to go out for evening.

After pulling a few pieces of hair up Jessica is transformed while managing to look effortless.

While we’re on the topic of effortless, even the guys need a little help in those show lights. To get him set for his time in the spotlight, I snapped a quick bit of pale yellow powder on the center of Jason’s face with a matte terracotta bronzer (named Elvis!) – both by the queen of nude makeup Bobbi Brown.

We had a great time Saturday, but no rest for the weary in this town! On a rainy eve at the new Winslow event venue in Federal Hill, I ran into jewelry designer Rachael Mulherin. We both confessed we were exhausted and leaving for NYC shortly on business. When I asked how she looked so amazing, she explained it’s getting the exact right shade of a MAC full cover concealer and foundation, adding some luminosity overtop, making sure brows are filled in as it lifts the eye, a few lash extensions and a pink lip with some shine again to boost the whole thing. I think she nailed it!

About Owen O'Donnell

Owen Michael O'Donnell is a 16-year cosmetic veteran based proudly in Baltimore. The busy makeup artist has worked everywhere from Saks Fifth Avenue to Sephora (as a manager), as well as several salon/spa chains. His work has been featured in magazines such as Elle, Cosmo, Girl's Life, Baltimore Style, Health, Self, Baltimore Mag, as well as many commercials and fashion events. Owen is a regular fixture on Baltimore TV news, both on-camera and behind the scenes. He also guest teaches at local beauty schools and heads up a cosmetics program for cancer patients at a local hospital. The native Baltimorean has always thought of the city and its environs as a series of unique villages - each with its own panache and memorable characters. He’s always struck by how much style there is and frustrated with just how easy it is to miss if you don’t know where to look. Owen will be using his highly trained eye to focus on some of the latest fashion and beauty trends that he spots around town (and maybe even giving us the skinny on how to achieve those looks ourselves!)

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