Street Style: March

Street Style: March

I love the cold!  I was raised in the cold – upstate New York – so snow, freezing rain, hail and wind don’t scare me.  But this March, by any standards – two Nor’easters in two weeks – has tested the most stalwart of souls. Winds swept by at speeds that made the Oriole bird complain. People bundled with scarves, coats swaddled chilled bones, socks covered naked ankles, hats wrapped frozen ears.   But Baltimore’s sartorially inclined – as well as some visitors to our Charm City – brought sparks of color, polka dots, vibrant striped and printed scarves, and quirky glasses to provoke our fashion senses.  Spring, it is a comin!!  As the sun came out a little here and there, crocuses tentatively peeked green leaves through winter’s cold earth, and cherry blossoms shot fuchsia polka dots against a brightening sky and Baltimore’s streets began to fill with happy folks ready to awaken from winter’s cocoon.

The “Cadillac Gals” Two cuties and their mom. Cadillac is their last name. And they all show fashion polish, especially that velvet gold coat. That’s a wow. (Seen at Woodberry Commons)

Blue velvet fedora, hoop earrings, Kate Spade bag, and winning smile chase the winds outside. Alex sports some fierce fashion on a cold day. (Seen in Harbor East)

Although windswept, fashion doesn’t deny this stylish gal in her fitted black jacket with double zippers, striped pencil skirt, and black ankle boots. Ashley rocks! (Seen in Harbor East)

While the mayor is busy holding mother nature at bay, she certainly boasts her fashion sense. Note the stylish large white buttons adorning her dress, the tartan coat, and stoplight red bag. Go Mayor. (Seen in Harbor East)

“Girls just wanna have fun! “ And they are! Renee, Richetta and Treena sporting some casual afternoon duds. (Seen on Canton Square)

It might be cold outside, but this gal speaks “next level” in her fashion choices. Great boots, great tights, great wrap, great smile. It’s a win-win. (Seen in Harbor East)

Whaaaaaat? It’s cold outside, but ice cream still rules! That takes a certain panache in itself. (Seen on The Avenue in Hampden)

Pretty-in-pink-pink-pink jazzes up this construction site – a stunning traffic-stopper. And it’s Bobby’s birthday! (Seen on Fleet Street)

Swaddled in grey cashmere, funky glasses. Just plain great style and humor keep this lady warm in the cold weather (Seen in Harbor East)

Bossa Nova import, this Brazilian gal – here for a conference – showcases her fabulous Brazilian woven striped stripped scarf. Renata loves Baltimore (Seen in Harbor East)

Orange is the new black and forgives all sins. “I just fell outta bed!” Melitta exclaimed, when approached. “Well , ya did it well!” I responded. (Seen in Harbor East)

“Purple Rain” no more. This gent’s beanie speaks winter, Asad’s purple tie speaks spring and his beaming smile says it all. (Seen in Harbor East)

Lookin’ groovy and feelin feisty! Beret, patterned scarf, fashion-forward sleeves, polka dot socks. Katy is a force of nature! (Seen in Harbor East)

Move over, RuPaul. Kitty is struttin’ her stuff on Thames Street. (Seen in Fells Point)
And that’s how we roll on the streets of Baltimore!

Sloane Brown

Baltimore's longtime fashion and social scene reporter, Sloane is the founder/managing editor of Baltimore Snap.