Face Value: Eye Am Divine

Face Value: Eye Am Divine

This past week has been a whirlwind: celebrating my birthday with 3 parties (I love my friends!), preparing for a big makeup launch, two TV news appearances…and then there’s the weather that required everything from shorts to snow boots.

Welcome to Spring in Baltimore, hon!

Speaking of which, how better to push in the season than by taking the “Baltimore Hon” approach and slather on a ton of eye makeup, right? Youtube blogger Linda Bernstein was kind enough to share with me some snaps from her tutorials using the Divine (yes, Baltimore’s own) palette by Kat Von D, now available at Towson Sephora for $38.00. With shadow names like “Baltimore” and “Female Trouble,” I couldn’t help but chuckle, as I have my own line of lipsticks coming out with Baltimore names, as well. Kat has good taste and would be right at home in Fells Point or Hampden.

Looking at Linda’s gorgeous photos – even her softer look – might seem a little intense for a less adventurous gal or guy if you’ve seen the movies . The key to using heavily pigmented shadows like these is to pick one of the neutral colors for all over and then use a fluffy soft brush to buff a bright across the lids. After doing that, you’d be surprised how wearable they are, even if you’re wearing a Lilly Pulitzer dress to a conservative spring wedding in Greenspring Valley. Divine!

Someone else who knows how to “focus” on full-out eye glam – April Taylor, whose striking face is the first that greets you entering UNO Salon of Green Spring Station. When it comes to Baltimore blue shades, she’s fearless.

The trick is keeping the rest of her face clean and simple – using MAC powder foundation, banana yellow powder around eyes to make the color jump, well-shaped brows from the salon, and almost invisible nude lips done with her pencil and a shade that matches her lips. (That’s the not-so-evil eye logo for UNO…a great description for April, as well!)

How to go glam when everything around you is chaos? Check out Margo Burr, with whom I met up at Fox 45 for the midday show, promoting her Fashion Show for Queens of Glam at Eastpoint Mall. Her group empowers youth from Baltimore County to help them build confidence at a young age and find their own “divineness.” Her program ends with a sparkly runway show at the mall.

In the middle of a snowstorm and trying to get late-arriving models in order for the TV show, Margo quickly glammed up by popping on a strip lash and skipping the worry about shadow and specific liner. The lash will fix – or hide – everything else. Toss on a strong lipstick before adding some bangs and no one knows how quickly you got ready for your close-up.

Celebrating my b-day also gave more glimpses of glam. Loreal Butler and Paris Eduardo Morris Ghalici – photo’d by Rob Morton from Photography by Tre’ Lynn, at the Wit & Wisdom shindig. Often mistaken for Loreal’s twin, Paris isn’t opposed to a little guy liner and brows from MAC himself. He also uses the brand’s pro long-wear face base and bronzer to look picture perfect. Loreal sports bronzy smoky eyes – her regular staple – with come-hither brows, matte contouring, and – an old standby – Mac Nude gloss to go with her lingerie-inspired garb. After giving out samples of my own new gloss, I hope I’ve changed their minds. Next year, Paris promised to bring me a turban as well to keep me “divine” into my mid 30’s.

Dr. Steve Sobelman