What to Wear: Wine Women & Shoes

What to Wear: Wine Women & Shoes

When I heard about Wine, Women and Shoes – which benefits The Red Devils and its efforts supporting breast cancer families – I immediately thought to myself, shoes, shoes, shoes! Then, I found out that the event features a “Best in Shoe” competition and I knew my initial instincts were right.  For those of you who don’t know, Mr. Veida and I are expecting a future fashionista in June, so shoes are one of the only things I get excited about shopping for these days (with the exception of baby stuff, but I won’t bore you with that).

For those of you who don’t want to break the bank on a pair of shoes, I highly recommend taking a trip to DSW in Canton (3501 Boston Street, 21224). The first pair I spotted at DSW was these Jessica Simpson sandals. The pearl detail is fun and very Gucci-esque. And the light pink is a little more fun than a beige, but still neutral. Personally, I’d pair them with an above-the-knee sundress. (Jessica Simpson Sandal $59.99, Photo courtesy DSW.com)

If you like a little more bling, I found this Jessica Simpson Jewel Sandal at DSW, as well. Typically, I’d save a shoe like this for an evening event, but since there is a contest involved, I’ll make an exception to my rule. That said, I do suggest pairing these with denim to dress them down a bit. (Jessica Simpson Jewel Sandal $69.99, Photo courtesy DSW.com)

If DSW isn’t your cup of tea, the shoe department at Nordstrom (Towson Town Center 700 Fairmount Avenue) is another great place to start. After all, Nordstrom was originally a shoe store. These strappy sandals by J. Crew (turns out you can get J. Crew shoes at Nordstrom) are the perfect pop of color for spring. I mean what about these shoes doesn’t scream happy?!? Pull a color from the shoes for your dress, and you’re good to go. (J. Crew Sandals $137.50 marked down from $228, Photo courtesy nordstrom.com)

I’m kind of obsessed with this pair of blue satin mules by Leith. They look FAR more expensive than their $59.95 price tag and you can wear them with pretty much everything. They also come in nude and black, but the effect just isn’t there without the blue. (Photo courtesy nordstrom.com)

If you’re feeling like you deserve a good splurge, you can order these Christian Louboutins from Nordstrom.com and pick them up in store. Yes, they are super simple. BUT, you can’t go wrong with an understated nude shoe with a red bottom. Not to mention, you can pair them with a sundress, jeans or skinny pants and wear them through fall. (Christian Louboutin Cuffed Sandal in Nude $845, Photo courtesy nordstrom.com)

Regardless of which shoes you pick, make sure they fit, and you can walk in them. After all, nothing takes away from a fabulous pair of shoes then seeing someone hunching and lurching along in them. xx

Veida McCampbell

Anyone who knows Veida McCampbell will tell you that she knows how to dress. Whether she's going to a meeting, heading to a workout or en route to a party, she’s always turned out perfectly for the occasion.   Veida looks at personal style as an opportunity to make a statement about yourself without having to speak a single word.   “Someone’s impression of you is often determined by what you are wearing. Why not make it a good one?” she says.   It’s one thing to be able to style yourself. It’s another to be able to help others that way. Veida has mastered the art of both. Before she started her marketing consulting business, Veida worked as a television producer in LA. As a producer, part of her job was - you guessed it – helping style the on-camera talent.    Working in the entertainment industry gave her exposure and access to leading designers and stylists, which further boosted her fashion education. With Veida back in Baltimore and now the go-to fashion advisor for many of her friends, we’ve asked her to share her knowledge and skill with us. In her bi-weekly column, “What To Wear,” Veida will rely on Baltimore area shops to both put together outfits she suggests for upcoming Baltimore events, and to answer some of your style questions.