What to Wear: Preakness

What fashionista doesn’t love going to Preakness? Never mind the horses, this is THE event to go over-the-top in cute garden-party attire!

That said, this is one Preakness I have to miss…thanks to a certain fashionista-in-the-making scheduled to make her debut in less than a month. That’s me on the left (in a Caroline Constas dress – not maternity – and Saint Laurent stilettos, in case you’re interested) with friend, Jodie Cohen, at my baby shower last weekend. So, dealing with my “plus-one” on Preakness day and trying to maneuver through wall-to-wall crowds would just become…shall we say, a little unwieldy? However, I won’t be missing out entirely, instead going the day before to Black-Eyed Susan Day, where the crowd is still glamorous and fun, but there’s a bit more elbow room.
Not to worry, I’m not about to abandon my fellow fashion-seekers in their hour of need. One simply MUST have the right ensemble for the second leg of the Triple Crown.

First and foremost, having been rained on at a many Preakness, I have finally learned my lesson. Do not wear anything that – if ruined – will result in heartbreak. But, you still want to look your best. While at the Towson Nordstrom (700 Fairmount Avenue) shopping for Mother’s Day gifts (at some point in pregnancy you stop shopping for yourself) I walked into the dress department and hit the Preakness jackpot. The first dress I spotted was this red fit & flare by Eliza J. It’s flattering, the perfect pop of color and on sale for $70.80 (marked down from $118). (Photo courtesy nordstrom.com)

If red isn’t your thing, this lace dress by Adelyn Rae is a fun alternative. You can’t really go wrong with lace and the neckline shows just enough skin for daytime. (Adelyn Rae Dress $59.40 marked down from $99, photo courtesy nordstrom.com)

For all of you traditionalists out there, this J. Crew Ruffle dress is perfection. I mean you can’t get any more “Day at the Races” than seersucker and ruffles. (J. Crew Dress $158, photo courtesy nordstrom.com)

Of course, you’ll need proper headwear for Preakness. I love a fascinator, but – as it turns out – they can be absurdly expensive for one time use. However, I found this floral fascinator by Jenny Pfanenstiel on the Vineyard Vines website.

It comes in both pink and white and is the perfect addition to any Preakness outfit. (Fascinator $64.00 marked down from $108, photo courtesy vineyardvines.com)

I don’t think I’ve ever had a pair of shoes survive Preakness. In an ideal world, you should wear a pair of wedges that are on life support. That way, if they get ruined, you can just toss them. If that isn’t an option, you want to go with something that’s on sale. I found this pair of espadrille wedges by Schutz on sale on the outnet. (Wedges $90 marked down from $180, photo courtesy theoutnet.com)

Regardless of what you end up wearing to Preakness, have fun and a cocktail for me.
In the meantime, you’ll have to carry on without me for a few months as I welcome my new family member and we get her all settled in. I’ll be back with you in the fall, as both the leaves and your fashion choices begin to turn! xx

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Anyone who knows Veida McCampbell will tell you that she knows how to dress. Whether she's going to a meeting, heading to a workout or en route to a party, she’s always turned out perfectly for the occasion.   Veida looks at personal style as an opportunity to make a statement about yourself without having to speak a single word.   “Someone’s impression of you is often determined by what you are wearing. Why not make it a good one?” she says.   It’s one thing to be able to style yourself. It’s another to be able to help others that way. Veida has mastered the art of both. Before she started her marketing consulting business, Veida worked as a television producer in LA. As a producer, part of her job was - you guessed it – helping style the on-camera talent.    Working in the entertainment industry gave her exposure and access to leading designers and stylists, which further boosted her fashion education. With Veida back in Baltimore and now the go-to fashion advisor for many of her friends, we’ve asked her to share her knowledge and skill with us. In her bi-weekly column, “What To Wear,” Veida will rely on Baltimore area shops to both put together outfits she suggests for upcoming Baltimore events, and to answer some of your style questions.

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