Hot Spots: Woodberry Watering Hole

I think we’re all familiar with La Cuchara, the cavernous Spanish/Mediterranean-themed restaurant helmed by Chef Ben Lefenfeld.

Opened in 2015, it’s been a stunning success and a great addition to the neighborhood.

There’s so much to love—the expansive cheeseboard and charcuterie selections…

…the dramatic open kitchen with its open-flame spit…

…the large, comfortable bar area—even basic things like a free parking lot and outdoor seating in nice weather. I’ve come to appreciate it not only for the dependably excellent food and service, but for the bar program.

Helmed by a fleet of personable, knowledgeable bartenders, the bar here offers solid takes on age-old classic cocktails and creative spins on new ones, as well as a respectable beer list and a lengthy, interesting wine list. And the generous size of the bar area here really allows you to spread out and socialize with friends.

If, like me, you’re a fan of the ‘browns,” (bourbon, rye, and Scotch), La Cuchara offers one of the area’s larger selections of elixers. Whether you’re in a mood to sip and savor one neat, or have one mixed up in a perfect sazerac or Manhattan, you can’t go wrong here.

On my most recent visit, I shifted away from my cold-weather go-to, a Manhattan, into my summer season go-to, a vodka martini. Shaken icy-cold with Tito’s American craft vodka and a touch of dry vermouth, and garnished with three plump, briney olives, for me, it’s summertime in a glass.

{La Cuchara, 3600 Clipper Mill Road, Hampden-Woodberry}

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