Face Value: LinkedIn Looks

Face Value: LinkedIn Looks

Some experts – including my colleague Dean – were at the Linkedin Local event at HOME Artist Residency in Highlandtown this week getting the working artists ready for their panel discussion, then touching up guests to make their best impressions on camera with Outer Loop Media after that.

Jane Daniel of Sparks Marketing jumped in the chair minutes before manning the door at the event. Jane tends to focus on her eyes and oily skin. So. after her long day at work, they cleaned up any runny liner, worked with the smudge and smoked it out just a little with a smoky liquid shadow, tried oil control powder foundation for coverage and mattification, (it didn’t help that the AC was off) and a berry lip.

In less than five minutes she was ready to greet guests.

Speaker of the evening – artist Cristen Hoyt – came in her usual mascara and Bare Minerals powder. But, that’s no way to stand out for the crowd. Artists contoured her cheeks with matte bronzer, added highlighter to top of her cheeks dabbing a bit on the lips, eyes and apple of cheek, winging the grey (NOT black) liner out, and filling in brows with fawn powder.

The late cosmetic queen Estee Lauder once said “we blondes fade out at night.” Blondes giving a speech in Highlandtown certainly can’t be allowed to!

Sales and marketing expert Tara Gebhardt confessed she wanted to punch up her look from her usual LinkedIn pics and make a real impression at the event. So, it was plum liner over her already pretty day lipstick and rimming her under-eye area with it, too. The lip color near the eye makes eyes appear more intense and the plum is cool so am admirer won’t mistake the color for pink eye. Tara noticed the highlighter and bronzer combo on her predecessor and – impressed with how it perked up her fair skin – tried it, too.

Linkedin Local has become famous for its after-parties at nearby local pubs, so we had to stop back and add a tad more shimmer. This time, it was with a deep sapphire liquid shadow that is not for the faint-of-heart. The trick to not looking ridiculous is to apply a thin line over your eyeliner, then smudging that up and out. If you coat the whole lid you’ve already gone way too far. Of course, when you’re dealing with an artist’s panel networking event in Highlandtown, going way too far may be just the ticket!

That’s not to say that everyone there went over-the-top. Happiness coach Heather Patterson jumped in for a touch-up but wanted to keep her look more natural. We traded secrets about what it takes to make up a look that doesn’t look made up and how to be coached to happiness. And now, but I’m determined to pursue both with the same enthusiasm this summer. Not a bad way to start the season!

Dr. Steve Sobelman