Avant Garb: Priority Male

Avant Garb: Priority Male

Baltimore is finally warming up, and it’s time to break out the shorts. Last week I ran into my friend, Mike Vaughn, who did just that. Even though Mike works in an office that is generally pretty casual, he loves to stand out and often wears bright, bold colors and mix on some more sophisticated pieces.

Mike described his style as “casual and polished-looking prepster.” He is preppy, but not your traditional where the clothes are oversized and safe. I’d say it’s New England with some hints of LA chic. It feels very “Hamptons” with a freshness that is versatile for work meetings and can easily transition into any happy hour or networking events after work.
Mike’s light blue Ralph Lauren shirt adds an eye-catching pop of color and looks casual yet work appropriate and dapper. The pink logo pops. His white J. Crew shorts make his look summer-ready, clean and crisp, as if he’s about to attend a polo match.

His Calvin Klein grey suede loafers add to the casual prep vibe.

His black bracelets and his belt were both picked up from street vendors on a recent trip to Italy. His bracelets feel very SoCal-surfer.

His watch is made by MVMT – masculine, high-end, and sophisticated.

Mike’s wayfarer sunglasses are a clue to another important aspect of his style. “I am a total bargain shopper. I enjoy hunting down stylish clothes for a cheap price. I look for anything that is current and will look sharp,” he admitted. And those pricey-looking shades? From Dollar Tree.

Next, I ran into Matt at the Lord Baltimore hotel where he was attending a conference. Matt is from London, and his style reflects the Brit in him. He is a sharp dresser and enjoys European clothing – anything with a slim fit and modern feel. He enjoys nicer British brands and loves the Spanish line Zara because of how affordable it is. He described his style as sexy, modern, and sharp.
Matt said the majority of his outfit – including his blazer, shirt, and pants – is from Zara, his go-to spot. He loves that a lot of the clothes he finds there have a slim and modern fit. Matt’s style feels business casual, but the black jeans add a hint of sexy, bad boy edge to his look. He looks professional and ready to talk business but can perfectly transition to happy hour at the hotel bar later this evening.
“As a huge fan of football – or as the Americans call it, soccer – one of my biggest idols and style icons is [fellow Brit] David Beckham. He is such a sharp dresser and always looks sophisticated and manages to work in classic elements to his looks. I really appreciate that,” he said.

One of the most British looking accessories Matt is sporting is probably his Daniel Wellington wrist watch that he bought while he was at home in London. It’s my favorite part about his outfit and feels so classic; the quintessential English accessory.

His Zara blazer has a built-in pocket square that feels European and sophisticated – perfect for a conference.

His grey shoes are from DSW and go great with the other colors he’s wearing. They look modern – even a bit sporty – but they still feel totally appropriate for the conference and his casual-cool vibe. Overall, Matt’s style feels young but classic. He looks approachable but serious about his work, and I love that he’s maintained his English influences.

LOST – Sadly, I have some bad news. It’s time to say farewell to one of my favorite Baltimore boutiques. You might know it as one of the best places to buy high-end jeans in Baltimore. Now, after 12 years in business, Jean Pool – owned by Scott Wable and located in the Cross Keys Shopping center – will be closing its doors on May 26th. But, in the meantime, everything is on sale.

Scott only sells high-end and quality made products in his store. And it’s not just jeans.

He also has some bralettes, shirts, jackets, and other accessories.

I LOVED these bag handles. So unique and totally affordable and fun. Interesting add-on to any bag, luggage or event to an outfit.

So, if you can make it over for one last hurrah before the doors close, don’t wait. If you do go, be sure to say hello to Scott’s dogs – and longtime shop pets – Mackey and Dash.

How cute are they?! I hate to see this place go. I’ve been getting my fashion finds there for years and can’t imagine finding another spot that will measure up to the service and products this place delivered. As much I’m going to miss the great selection there, I’m also going to miss Scott’s great fashion/style advice and warm, friendly personality.

Sloane Brown

Baltimore's longtime fashion and social scene reporter, Sloane is the founder/managing editor of Baltimore Snap.