Street Style: May-hems (& rompers, too!)

Street Style: May-hems (& rompers, too!)

Spring is here!! FINALLY! May slipped in like the spy who came in from the cold. As temps stretched to top 80’s and some 90’s, folks’ spirits were reinvigorated to awaken after winter’s long hibernation. Farmers markets replete with Maryland strawberries and gorgeous asparagus were a rainbow of colors. Music festivals bebopped, as people seemed to spread their wings. Uncommon color combinations, contrasting hues, rocking rompers, colorful hair, neon and rhinestone encrusted nails, blond bombshells, classic Bermuda’s, and hula hoops; all seemed to loudly evoke a bold welcome to the coming seasonal warmth. England might have its pomp and circumstance this month, but fellow Marylanders can compete. Hats were adorned to welcome Preakness. We’ve got our own protocol. No detail of spark and fashion is too insignificant to ebullient Baltimoreans.

Legally – and regally – blonde! These gals have it all goin’ on. (As seen on Boston Street)

This gal is total VICTORY! Rockin’ rompers, cool wedges and striking sunglasses speak spring. (As seen on Lancaster Street)

Baltimore’s own Gatsby – Bowtie Bob. (As seen in Fell’s Point)

Rain, rain go away, you’re ruinin’ my body paint today. Notice the painted jean shorts beginning to run. That’s some body art! Only in Baltimore, folks! (As seen on Thames Street)

The apples don’t fall far from the tree. Stylish mom and very stylish daughters! (As seen on Broadway Square in Fells Point)

Her T-shirt says it all, “Killing it All Day and Everyday!!!!” Move over, Beyonce! (As seen on Broadway Square)

This fab jumpsuit is the perfect fit to keep her in the groove (As seen on Broadway Square)

Did I say that rompers were a theme this spring? Rompers rock again! (Seen on Broadway Square)

Vamping! (As seen on Broadway Square)

Neon hues, tats, silver nails, hair to there; Fashion Catnip!

Ombre hair, baroque jacket and rhinestone-encrusted nails give her a strong point of view (As seen on Broadway, Fell’s Point)

Preakness, Ascot, or the royal wedding, B-more fashion icon Dolores Deluxe has a hat for all. She never disappoints. (As seen on Dallas Street, in the gardens of “The Palace on Dallas”)

And that’s how we roll on the streets of Baltimore!

Sloane Brown

Baltimore's longtime fashion and social scene reporter, Sloane is the founder/managing editor of Baltimore Snap.