Avant Garb: Fest Fash

Avant Garb: Fest Fash

This past weekend happened to be one of my favorite events of the year, The Taste of 3 Cities in Patterson Park. This event is great every year, both for finding spectacular food and for spotting some stand-outfashion finds. And it turns out foodies are some pretty fashionable people!

If you’ve never been, then you’re missing out. The event includes live music, and some of the best food trucks in the area. If that doesn’t already sound enticing enough – some of the proceeds go towards supporting one of my favorite Baltimore charities, The Baltimore Children’s Scholarship Fund.

For the last two years, I’ve been lucky enough to be a food judge at this event. It’s always a ton of fun, but it also means I get to meet some of the fellow judges. That’s how I ran into Tawni.

I have seen Tawni at many different events in Baltimore. Whether she is on stage singing or hosting an event, attending a formal dinner or a day at the pool, she is always on her game when it comes to fashion. She is always polished, and thinks of every detail, even down to the eyelash extensions she will wear, which gives every outfit a runway-glam feel.
Tawni’s outfit feels so fitting for this spring time event. Her black cotton jumpsuit is from BCBG – a TJ Maxx find for only $20! It looks like a piece that could easily be dressed up with glamourous jewelry and heels or dressed down with flip flops for a more casual look like she’s chosen to wear for today’s event.
She admits she has a lot to choose from.
“If you walk into my closet I’m pretty sure you would think that I have multiple personalities. You’d also wonder how the closet hasn’t collapsed! My style is so all over the place and I rarely get rid of things because the second you do…you need it!” she told me.
Personally, I don’t think you can ever go wrong with an all-black ensemble like this one. And, it’s a good example of some of Tawni’s fashion formulas.
“I come from a theatre background, so I’m really into having the perfect look for every occasion possible. I was also in a few rock bands over the years, so the majority of my closet is black. These days being an event planner for Copper Kitchen has me needing to look professional and being comfortable, because it’s a lot of racing around, all while staying true to my style. I love a good bargain and the fact that you can look like a million bucks for less than 100!” she explained to me.

One of my favorite piece about this outfit is her Prada sunglasses. They feel so classic and elegant with a unique, high-end frame. To me they scream steampunk-meets-Great-Gatsby-era. I need a pair of my own!

Her black flip flops are Tory Burch; practical and fitting for the picnic-like feel of this event.

Her cuff bracelet is from her very own online boutique. She is a merchandiser for Chloe + Isabel jewelry. You can find her online under Tawni Darling’s Boutique – https://www.chloeandisabel.com/boutique/tawnidarling. The cuff feels feminine, bold and modern. It’s interesting and matches Tawni’s power-woman vibe and confident personality. And it adds a subtle touch of sparkle and glam to her look.
Her purse is from Urban Expressions via www.stitchfix.com. “Don’t knock it til you try it!” she raved. “It’s like Christmas when a box arrives and you can ask for specifics that you need to add to your wardrobe. Something to consider, for sure!
Overall, Tawni’s outfit feels practical and comfortable, while still managing to make a statement about who she is. You can tell right away that she isn’t afraid to be a little edgy, and she understands what’s currently on trend. In my opinion, Tawni’s style is a perfect representation of her sassy, fun, and sarcastic personality.

Laura Gaworecki was also at the Taste of 3 Cities enjoying herself. You can often find Laura at events in and around Baltimore. She is the mastermind and owner of MOXIE Promotion and manages the Waterfront Tech Series.
As someone who loves to attend networking events in Baltimore, I often see her. It’s always a pleasure to run into this fellow fashionista. I asked Laura to give me the inside scoop on her style.
“I joke around that one of the biggest reasons I started my own company is so I could dress how I want to. I really love fashion and getting dressed for the occasion, but I have to be comfortable as well! I walk all over the city for professional and personal reasons, so unique but comfy fashion on my feet is a must! Other than that, I usually stick to black, grey, tans, and pinks that are neutral, so that I can mix everything I wear together and create new looks with a pop of color from a new jacket, shoes or bag. I have pieces five years old that I match with new earrings or shoes and it’s a whole new look!” she revealed.
Laura was sporting an adorable strapless dress from Doll House on Charles Street. I love the black and white spotted pattern of this – so cute and looks great on her! I also love that she’s chosen to pair her dress with this chunky and masculine gold watch by Michael Kors. It’s a great piece and the masculine feel of it is an interesting contrast against the girly, chic feel of her dress.
Her grey cargo jacket is from Target and really helps to make her dress feel more casual and fun for the festival. Laura mentioned she loves to layer things, both for style and practicality. And she’s not concerned with being “on brand” or paying top dollar for designer pieces.
“I love thrift and consignment stores and making it a pastime either by myself or with best girlfriends! I try to never wear anything just because it is trending or monogrammed all over with a popular brand. I never want to be a walking billboard for a f

Laura’s necklaces are from Stella & Poppy and add a little bit of a bohemian chicness to her look. They feel perfect for a springtime outdoor festival like this one. I love that it is worn asymmetrically and it totally helps to add some playfulness and fun colors to her look.

Her Kate Spade sunglasses feel classic and versatile – just like the late designer herself. Great for pairing with a dress or jeans.

Among my favorite elements are Laura’s canvas heels by Blowfish! The canvas material goes great with her jacket and meshes well with her bohemian necklace. The heel on the shoes pairs well with her choice of dress, helping her to maintain the casual yet professional vibe of the outfit.

I also had to grab a shot of her nails! Don’t underestimate the power of gold nail polish. It’s a great way to add a little bit of sparkle and glam to your outfit.
To sum it up, Laura’s look mixes feminine pieces like her dress and necklace, with more masculine fabrics and styles like her cargo jacket and chunky gold watch. The contrast is interesting and leaves you feeling like she’s the kind of girl who loves to shop, but also doesn’t mind going to a sports game. All of her pieces are interesting, and different, but she’s styled them in a really effortless and intriguing way.

FOUND – I’m back again doing a little bit of shopping for myself. But, I don’t want to keep my stellar finds a secret. Even though I snatched these, this store has loads of other incredible pieces. These two pieces are from Caravanserai on the Avenue in Hampden.

Really, the pictures don’t even do them justice. The colors and quality of these pieces are amazing. I’ve been rocking this new bag for about a week now, and I’m getting compliments left and right. The bag is very roomy and would be perfect for weekend trips or a day at the beach.
The earrings are some of the most interesting pieces I’ve ever found. I love how colorful and fun these are. I’m not a huge earring gal, but I had to make an exception for these. In fact, I made sure to pick up a few pairs in multiple colors. And if you’re wondering, they were totally reasonable in price for how ornate and unique they are. Perfect for the summer months that lie ahead and that summer vacation that’s just around the corner and…come to think of it…the next fun festival!

Sloane Brown

Baltimore's longtime fashion and social scene reporter, Sloane is the founder/managing editor of Baltimore Snap.