Avant Garb: Foodies’ Fashion + Finds

Avant Garb: Foodies’ Fashion + Finds

In addition to my love of fashion is a love for all things food. So, I recently attended a food truck event in Baltimore. Naturally, I was distracted by some stand-out fashions, and it didn’t take long before Rebecca Johnson caught my eye. I had to know more about this Australian gal’s style choices.

Here is how Rebecca described her style to me.
“My style as funky but comfortable. I’m obsessed with denim, so you’ll probably find me wearing denim with either sequins, animal prints or more denim. My look completely changes within 5 miles of the ocean – summer vacations always include tassels, floral and bright colors. Zara is generally my go-to because you can always find something with a funky print or cut and is always reasonably priced. Whenever I go home to Australia I tend to splurge at brands like Sass & Bide, Kookai and Tigerlily – they don’t have stores in the US so I always find pieces I wouldn’t usually find shopping here.”

The first thing I noticed about her outfit was an amazing blue & green sequined jacket with a motorcycle patch on the back saying “Wild Summer Route.”
“Wild” does not do this jacket justice.

This jacket was what I refer to as a unicorn, because it was so unique and was creatively fabulous and eye-catching. I assumed it was a new number from the eccentric Gucci line, so I was VERY amazed to find out it was an affordable piece from Zara.
Of course, all I can think about was the many ways I could wear it. Even though it stood out with its patch and sequins, I find this could be a practice staple to any outfit. I would wear this with a skirt like Rebecca did, skinny jeans, or even jean shorts. It’s great for anyone who likes to add a functional, yet fun pieces to their everyday outfits.

The jean skirt had a fun edge to it with zippers that opened up slits on the sides. They were functional and could provide for different looks that could easily transition it from a day to an evening look, depending on your comfort level. The skirt is also from Zara. Rebecca said she gets most of her pieces from Zara because they’re stylish yet affordable. The skirt also had an interesting grunge element to it with the ripped fringe around the edges and the faded denim.
Her yellow turtle neck is from H&M and adds some fun color to the look. I especially loved the belt that Rebecca chose to pair her black jean skirt with. She got it from Dissh, an Australian brand. It feels minimalist and modern.

Her all black Converses go great with the edgy tom boy vibe of her black skirt. I love that she’s chosen to pair something more conservative, like a yellow turtleneck, with black sneakers that give her look a very cool and casual vibe.

Next, I ran into Joshua Greene, a local musician. Josh said he tends to, “look for clothes that intrigue me on a sensory level. Anything that is somewhat off-beat and fun is perfect in my eyes. Tight jeans are a staple.”
I loved Joshua’s look because it feels unique and reflective of his music and artistic voice. Immediately, it’s very apparent that he is an artist. I loved how simple this look is, yet it’s telling you a lot about him. His suspenders give the look a little bit of old school, southern charm. He said he picked these up from a Marshalls in Utah.

His Wawa t-shirt might be the most interesting piece of his whole look. It’s ironic, hip, and unique. I was also pleasantly surprised to find out that he didn’t buy it from Wawa – it was actually designed and crafted by his brother, Jeremy Greene.

His Aston Grey boots look high-end and elevate his whole look. Josh said these were a gift from his mother and are one of his favorite pairs of shoes. His pants are classic Levi’s – you can never go wrong with a good pair of Levi’s. As Josh mentioned, he likes a tight fit on his pants, adding to the musician and indie vibe of his look.
If you want to take a listen to Josh’s music, you can find him on Instagram under @greenebeard and his music is on Spotify under the name “Lunchbox President”. Take a listen and keep an eye out to see where his band will hit the stage!

FOUND – I have to let you all know about one of Baltimore newest additions. There is a fairly new vintage store in Charles Village that is AMAZING! It’s called Get Shredded Vintage, and if you’re a vintage lover with a passion for vintage clothing and home goods then you must go check it out. I was pleasantly surprised to find so many pieces that I loved.

The store owner, Sara Autrey, was there, and I asked her a little bit more about her style and the store. Her personality is exciting and as fabulous as her store itself. Both are a burst of positive, fun energy which made it hard to leave.
“I go through phases – orange, gold, silver, rainbow- where I personally curate my own collection to be different cuts and pieces of the same monochromatic palate. For the shop, I like to curate clothing for everyone- from classic basics with a twist, to ultra-retro statement pieces, to super eclectic one-of-a-kind funky pieces. This goes for clothing AND home goods. I don’t think labels necessarily define an item’s worth, so I like to judge pieces on their aesthetic value and my initial reaction to them. Learning to trust your instincts can be tricky, but I think I’m honing it pretty well!” she told me.

Here are just a few of the marvelous finds in her store. The collection of vintage bags that she has are amazing and one of a kind. Not pictured are a ton of other awesome finds…everything from dresses, shoes, and jewelry to home goods.

She also had an incredible collection of funky, colorful sunglasses. Perfect for summer! The prices were totally reasonable, and I felt like the store gave me so much style inspiration for both my home and my wardrobe. Don’t wait. Make a stop in here before all of the great summer finds are gone!

Sloane Brown

Baltimore's longtime fashion and social scene reporter, Sloane is the founder/managing editor of Baltimore Snap.