Avant Garb: Sipping Summer Style

Avant Garb: Sipping Summer Style

Last week I attended an event at Old Line Distillery in Highland Town that benefited One Love Foundation, a non-profit that is helping to put an end to domestic violence and abusive relationships. I loved the opportunity to learn more about this organization (check out www.joinonelove.org) and meet others who support it.

At the event, I ran into Richard Call whose emerald green shirt – which was a gift – caught my eye. The fitted button-up looked great against his navy-blue slacks. Richard did an excellent job of coordinating interesting colors in a fashionable way.
“For my style, I always want to feel like I am representing myself well. In recent years, I feel like my main focus has been on business casual and adopting the mold of the early 30’s professional. With that said, I also like to stand out with my use of colors. I enjoy green, purple, and bright blue or patterned dress shirts. While I don’t go around wearing “smediums” (small/medium combo), I do like to wear more fitted clothing, usually slim fit. I’ve never been a fan of baggy clothes, so I avoid that all together, and skinny jeans or tight clothing are just as bad. I look for clothing that makes me feel confident and well-dressed, so I can put my best foot forward everywhere I go,” he told me.
Richard’s watch, belt and pants are all from Target. We both agreed that – in recent years -Target has really stepped up their game in implementing more current and fashion forward pieces at an affordable price. Overall, this look was perfect for the occasion. It felt classic and clean, while the green shirt really helped him to stand out from the crowd and grab your attention. It just goes to show that taking risks with color can pay off big.

Richard’s Jos. A. Bank shoes look high-end and the pointed toe offers a sophisticated and classic edge. And I loved his reason for his choice of color.
“I really enjoy wearing brown dress shoes more than black because they seem to have more life in them,” he said.

Next, I ran into Patrick who was looking very dapper and professional. His look was sophisticated and blended in perfectly with the distillery setting; young and current, while still incorporating classic pieces with character.
“Professionally, I wear a suit every day, so I try to get as much utility out of each suit that I can. Dressing down the jacket in a more casual setting is the easiest way to do this. As always, fit is key. Even more casually, I find myself sticking to jeans and solid t-shirts recently,” he told me when I asked him to describe his style.
Patrick’s jacket was from an early sample suit from The QG’s custom line. It felt expensive and fit him beautifully. His shirt was Spectre & Co. and his jeans were the Nudie brand. It all helped Patrick stand out as a sharp dressed man – professional, sharp and ambitious – who should be sipping on an expensive whiskey while networking with other professionals.

His shoes and belt were both from Allen Edmonds. The classic loafers in brown helped give his look that casual, yet interesting, feel. (And the slightly rolled cuffs of his jeans added just the right touch of insouciance!)

Found – This week, my treasure came from a head shop called Karmic Connection in Fells Point. I found these pants years ago, so putting them on today reminded me of that little gem of a store. They sell many things – hippie wear and vintage finds make up part of that list. I believe these pants were around 20 dollars and well worth every penny!

I feel they have a 60’s/70’s Emilio Pucci vibe without the price, and – because they’re vintage – they’re one-of-a-kind, which always makes me feel special. I love having pieces that make me feel distinct and unique. But, I feel like I could wear them just about anywhere. At work, I dress them up with a blouse or tank and heels. They’re also cute when paired with a fun, long scarf tied to a bag or in my hair. Throw on a pair of oversized fun glasses and you’ve got a vintage, timeless look.
Now, go hunting for your treasure!

Elizabeth Massing

One look at Elizabeth Massing and you see her fabulous sense of style and artistic self-expression. She combines old and new, classic and trendy, luxurious items and vintage steals.  “Fashion and what you wear should be a statement of who you are and how you feel. You shouldn’t be scared to take risks. It should be fun and make you feel good, no matter your budget or fashion experience,” she says. For Elizabeth, fashion is a way to tell her story.  “I like my stories full of fun and excitement, history and romance, and - from time to time - a little drama. Bold fabrics give me a thrill. Couture makes me swoon. Daring pairings are a magnetic force I cannot overcome,” says this B-more native. Elizabeth also loves to see the “stories” other people tell, which may come from her work in publishing and media as HR Director for The Agora Companies, where - she says - creativity and originality is always encouraged. Now, she’ll be relaying some of those stories to us in her column, “The Haute Find.”  “It’s about finding style on the street, in homes, and out-and-about. It’s an adventure looking for textures, fabrics, and how people add layers of details and interest to their wardrobe.” So, ramp it up, Baltimore. Maybe Elizabeth will be “telling” your story!