Avant Garb: Style Stars/Style in the Stars

Avant Garb: Style Stars/Style in the Stars

When I recently stopped into my fave Café Fili for lunch, I ran into two women making some strong, stylish statements with their fashion.

The first was Kellie Zysk, a staffing professional downtown. Kellie’s background is in interior design and fashion merchandising. So, it’s no surprise she loves to indulge in color and play around with interesting patterns, which she demonstrated with the dress she was wearing. She looks inviting yet professional, and the fit is flattering. Kellie said she particularly enjoys bright, energetic colors that make you smile. She certainly accomplished that mission with me!

Kellie paired her frock with these fittingly fun wedges from Nordstrom.

Her Louis Vuitton bag – from realreal.com – adds a sophisticated, professional vibe to her look.

While I love all the components to her look, my favorite piece – hands down – was what she sported on her hand…this chunky silver ring she picked up in Santorini, Greece. The turquoise cross in the center makes this piece feel singular and intriguing. Not only does it have a timeless, standout appeal, it would work just as well with blue jeans and a casual top. Love it!

Next, I ran into Nichole Bryant, a food stylist. As soon as I saw her, I knew her sense of style went beyond the edible. Surprisingly, Nichole herself was surprised by my take on her style.
“I’m not a woman who views herself as fashion-forward by any stretch. So, it made me feel so good to know that I might be doing okay in that department after all!” she told me.
I love Nichole’s one-piece black romper. It’s fun, versatile, and flirty; a perfect summer staple. It would be great for summer nights out with friends, or for an outdoor concert or musical festival. She found it on fashionnova.com, where she does most of her shopping. “I love them because they put together brands (as well as their own) that fit women with a little extra curve. Online shopping never really worked out for me until I found them,” she said.

That’s also where she found her red bumble bee clutch. It’s youthful, and the hot red adds some flare and flash to her ensemble.

Another excellent pair of wedges, from Franco Sarto. They do a great job of amping up the outfit to look more high-end and sexy, like she’s ready for lunch in downtown Miami.

Of course, her best accessory was Cinder, 8, Nichole’s miniature pinscher rescue. In addition to expertly styling and photographing food (including for her mindfulcooks.com blog which features vegan comfort food that’s approachable to all eaters!), it’s clear Nichole used her talents to add a little pizzazz to Cinder’s look with the cute bone-shaped doggie tag and the pink heart-patterned leash.

FOUND – An absolutely fantastic find this week! My horoscope paid off (or was it just me who paid?) when it told me to go shopping and treat myself to something special.
I walked over to Bottle of Bread, one of my favorite local vintage haunts and was pleasantly surprised to find this incredible vintage piece. I confess I’m one of those who loves astrology and checks my horoscope every day. So, naturally, I fell in love with this leather handmade belt embossed with zodiac signs. All the time I’ve spent in vintage stores, I’ve never seen anything quite like this. It’s magical and can be added to jeans, shorts or a dress….and a perfect fit for this Virgo perfectionist!


Sloane Brown

Baltimore's longtime fashion and social scene reporter, Sloane is the founder/managing editor of Baltimore Snap.