4th Annual Baltimore Taxidermy Open

4th Annual Baltimore Taxidermy Open

To call it one of Baltimore’s most eccentric events is – perhaps – an understatement.

…which is exactly why The Walters’ sculpture court was jammed with folks, there to check out the fascinating creations of alternative taxidermy artists.

The show – put on by The Walters Art Museum and Bazaar, a Hampden store specializing in “natural history items, home decor, jewelry and unique and morbid gifts” – offered folks the opportunity to get up close and personal…

…with a number of pieces that ranged from traditional taxidermy from The Walters’ collection…

…to not-so-usual taxidermy, presented by current artists.

Pictured (LtoR) Rachel Poisall, Imre senior account executive; Kristen Garcia, graphic designer/bird taxidermist; and Katie Wofford, Howard County Arts Council grants & special projects coordinator

Pictured (LtoR) Marilyn Kiely, Johns Hopkins Hospital administrator; Rodney Cobb, technical support specialist; and Andrew Dixon, security engineer

Pictured (LtoR) Chelsea S. Thompson, Ruck Towson Funeral Home funeral assistant/Illusions Bar & Lounge bartender; Chris LaMartina, A Bright Idea director of storytelling; and Melissa LaMartina, Shocktail Hour horror host/actor

Pictured (LtoR) Derek Weaver, Harper, TX bone artist/event participant; Alex Hewett, actor/teacher/artist; and Jayesh Jariwala, Applied Control Engineering engineer/project manager

Pictured (LtoR) Daniel Templin, PSS chemist; and Ashley McElf, Sagamore Spirit guest experience lead

Pictured – Allison Nachtigall, Maryland Institute College of Art photography student

Pictured (LtoR) Emily Rohn, Have Fun Be Lucky Tattoo tattoo artist; Ashley Woodall, See Spot Walk owner; and Linda Chilcote, AdNet business administrator

Pictured (LtoR) Kaitlyn Furey, freelance model; and Jessica Magnolia, environmental educator (September 6, 2018 – The Walters Art Museum)

Sloane Brown

Baltimore's longtime fashion and social scene reporter, Sloane is the founder/managing editor of Baltimore Snap.