Avant Garb: Badass Class

Avant Garb: Badass Class

As someone who works in the Mount Vernon area, I spend a lot of time here. After work, my friends and I love to grab happy hour now and then, and if it’s up to me, we’re going to Sugarvale.

I absolutely adore this place. The atmosphere is just as wonderful as the craft cocktails. Just ask Snap’s restaurant/bar expert, Brian Michael Lawrence!

One of the regular bartenders at Sugarvale, Paige, is always looking fabulous. I would describe her looks as hip, modern, and simplistic with some edge and a bit of grunge. She definitely has a bit of a laissez faire and laid-back attitude that helps her pull off looks like this one without any effort.
“From head to toe, every piece of this pictured outfit is vintage or has been thrifted. I’m a big collector of vintage clothes & love to mix new and old pieces together, as well as alter my own clothes by hand to better fit my style,” she told me. The shirt is a thrifted unlabeled classic black mock neck top, a staple in her closet.
With her full vintage look, Paige could have walked right out of the 80’s or 90’s – simple and minimal, but still looks fabulous and current. A perfect fit for Sugarvale.

My favorite piece about her look is her button up high-rise vintage Wrangler jean shorts from Bottle of Bread (as you know, one of my go-to’s). These fit her fabulously and give her a tough, cool girl look.

Paired with her vintage Doc Martens – also from BoB – they look even more badass. The shirt is a thrifted unlabeled classic black mock neck top, a staple in her closet.

A few days later, I stopped into another Mount Vernon hot spot, Hotel Revival, where I ran into Priscila. LOVED her look.
Priscila mentioned that later in the evening she was headed to the Four Seasons for a work event and wanted to wear something that was casual, yet elegant enough to be suitable for the atmosphere at Wit & Wisdom, one of the restaurants at the hotel. Not only did it look like she had just walked off the runway, but she’d be just as comfortable in a fancy cocktail bar in NYC as she would be at a dive bar in Baltimore. It’s edgy yet elegant and sophisticated, while still looking super current.
“I always have a hard time describing my style since it’s always changing and evolving according to how I feel, what projects I’m working on, or even shows I might be watching or books I’m reading. I always try to add either layers or accessories to give basic outfits a contemporary air. For me, clothes speak for yourself and if anything, I want to say to the world that I know what I’m doing and know where I’m going, but I’m also having fun and enjoying the ride while getting there. I also keep my color scheme simple: in the blacks, greys, beiges and whites. In the summer I will go for a pop color here and there, especially with something red. And in the winter, I might incorporate some red lips for night looks,” she said.

The stand-out piece in her outfit is absolutely her vintage white genuine leather jacket. This piece is so incredibly fabulous. I want it for myself! It adds so much edge, while the white color adds some easiness and elegance. It could be paired with a high end, elegant look just as easily as a low-key casual one.

Her blouse is from Nicole Miller and was a present from her friend. I love this top because it incorporates silver spikes and black sparkles that grab your attention and make it feel chic.

Priscila’s boots are Schutz, which she got when she was working their store in NYC. Her classic black work bag is from Fossil and she picked it up from NordstromRack.com for an awesome price.

Priscila’s dangle fringe earrings are from Forever 21. They definitely add some flare to her look and since her hair is up in a tight bun they help to elongate and slim her face. Fringe on earrings is totally in right now, so if you don’t have a pair, consider adding one to your jewelry box. A lot of them are super versatile and can be used for both casual and formal looks.

FOUND – Speaking of Forever 21… I was walking in Towson Town Center mall last week and was disappointed with what was in the stores.
Everything seemed boring and ordinary. And then I had to take a few steps backward when I saw a pair of PVC pants in the window of Forever 21. Yes. Me. Forever 21! Not the usual go-to for this vintage fashion fan. I am more than twice the age of 21 and not their target market. But, this is where I go back to my mantra that I don’t like to follow the rules and love to wear things that stand out and make me feel glamourous and fun. I am not afraid to take risks and I won’t let a name brand – or lack thereof – stand in my way. As long as the clothes fit well, have some interest to the materials used, and work with your coloring, style and attitude.

These pants were worth me trying on and it paid off, making them my favorite “FOUND” article to date! They were $29.90. So, I bought two pairs of them. I think they are a great find to wear for a rocker/edgy look with a t-shirt or tank or can even be dressed up and worn to a more formal affair. I plan on wearing these to an event this week and pairing them with a sequined sweater, so it’s fun yet refined. I think people fear PVC thinking they will look like a dominatrix, but it can be so much more. When worn with the right pieces you can look red carpet ready for any type of event.


Sloane Brown

Baltimore's longtime fashion and social scene reporter, Sloane is the founder/managing editor of Baltimore Snap.