Fash Flash: Edition #1

Fash Flash: Edition #1

As I travel the social landscape of Baltimore, I come across some folks who don’t have to say a word to tell me how cool they are. Their inimitable style says it all. So, on this day when we all start thinking about how we’re going to be decking ourselves out in the next five weeks, welcome to my inaugural “Fash Flash” – where I’ll share pics of people I see at events around town who show great style and personality in how they’re dressed.

Renaissance Fine Arts provided the perfect backdrop for Vivian Fliegel-Olsavicky at the JBiz Meet-Up. What better than an art gallery to set-off the clear talents and style sensibility of this Baltimore-based artist!

The JBiz Meet-Up is also where Jen Brown laid it out in black and white – as in this oh-so-fab pantsuit from the designer that she and I both worship – Norma Kamali. (And don’t you love the cute white backpack that just completes the look?)

The “2018 Urban Visionary Awards” was a night for the Center for Urban Families to shine. It also proved the right party for Ganesha Martin to shine, as well, as she arrived in crimson faux fur over black lace. Va. Va.


Anyone who knows Jeremy Rosendale knows he’s into style from head to toe…PARTICULARLY those toes! If he isn’t sporting a pair of vibrantly hued shoes, his colorful personality is reflected in his socks – as so spotted at the GBC “Bridging the Gap Awards.” Stay tuned. We’ll see more of his flashy footwear in the future. Guaranteed.

A cold, blustery night provided Jada Davis with the perfect excuse to showcase her chic winter style at the Baltimore Whiskey Festival.

The equestrian-style leggings and faux-fur wrapped boots were a perfect pairing. Just makes a fashionista feel all warm and fuzzy inside…and out!

Sloane Brown

Baltimore's longtime fashion and social scene reporter, Sloane is the founder/managing editor of Baltimore Snap.