Keynote: A Culinary Experience

Keynote: A Culinary Experience

More than 500 community members showed up to mix, mingle and enjoy the flavors of some of the nation’s leading award-winning chefs at The Associated: Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore’s  “Keynote: A Culinary Experience.”

(Photos by David Stuck – Photos & Captions Courtesy The Associated)

This year’s Keynote was held at McDonogh School.

Attendees lined up to enjoy the flavors of four award-winning chefs, Pati Jinich, Molly Yeh, Michael Solomonov and Yehuda Sichel.

Following dinner, Keynote guests listened to a panel discussion about food and Jewish culinary trends.

Pictured (LtoR) Award-winning Celebrity Chefs, Pati Jinich, Molly Yeh, Michael Solomonov, Joan Nathan and Yehuda Sichel shared their specialties and participated in a panel discussion about Jewish cuisine.

Pictured (LtoR) Barry Garber and Michele Lax

Pictured (LtoR) Randi Settleman, Co-chair Culinary Keynote Event, Leslie Schaller, Co-chair, Culinary Keynote Event, Michele Lax, Judi Fader and Beth Swirnow

Pictured (LtoR) Ronnie Footlick, Associated Women Campaign Chair and Linda A. Hurwitz

Pictured (LtoR) Eileen and Brian A. Goldman

Pictured (LtoR) Steven B. Fader, Associated Annual Campaign Chair and Marc B. Terrill, President, The Associated: Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore

Pictured (LtoR) Mitchell Whiteman, Whitney Whiteman, Melanie Shapiro, and Scott Shapiro

Pictured (LtoR) Howard Sobkov, Dr. Michele Shermak, Nancy Basner, Culinary Keynote Event Committee, Dr. Adam Basner, Culinary Keynote Event Committee

Pictured (LtoR) Will and Buffy Minkin, Culinary Keynote Event Committee

Pictured (LtoR) Pam Platt, Janet Livingston, and Beryl Sachs

Pictured (LtoR) Stacey and Dr. Randal Getz

Pictured (LtoR) Barbara Denrich, Nina Rosenzwog, Chair, Associated Women (November 13, 2018 – McDonogh School)

Sloane Brown

Baltimore's longtime fashion and social scene reporter, Sloane is the founder/managing editor of Baltimore Snap.