Avant Garb: One-Of-A-Kind State Of Mind

Avant Garb: One-Of-A-Kind State Of Mind

This week, a little bit of New York City glam came to Baltimore. My dear friend Heiress – a hairdresser at the esteemed Whittemore House Salon in NYC – was in back in his hometown for to catch up with family and friends. His delightful style is a conversation in itself!

Never dull or boring. Everything from the intricate details on his jewelry to his unique styling and choice of accessories will leave you wanting to know more.
“I always gravitate towards things that are loud and then creating balance,” he told me. “I love to take something very conservative and pair it with something very edgy. I love contrasting patterns and using color to brighten my mood.”
Components of his fashion-forward – even a bit avant-garde – outfits are eclectic; a mix of vintage pieces with designer influence and incredible staple pieces from more mainstream stores like Zara.

This time, Heiress’s jacket and shirt are both from Zara, while his pants are vintage by Jean Paul Gaultier. His belt and boots are also both vintage pieces that he picked up while in Dallas, Texas. I love this western influence that he’s incorporated into an otherwise hip city vibe.

You don’t often see cowboys sporting a Louis Vuitton bag (& inside that a Chanel number!) but it totally works and I’m loving it.

We certainly can’t overlook one of the key elements that makes Heiress’ look so successful and intriguing – his jewelry! His rings are each strong enough to stand alone and still make a statement, but together they are even more flashy and fun. All three rings were vintage finds – in Chelsea, the Hamptons, and Paris.

And then there are the vintage bracelets! The gold charm bracelet combined with the strong cuff is a mix of masculine and feminine design, creating an interesting juxtaposition.

FOUND – Speaking of interesting juxtapositions…Calling all yogis! If you haven’t been yet, you need to check out Movement Lab in Remington above R. House. They offer all kinds of fun and unique classes including aerial yoga, dance classes, and meditation. It’s an amazing place….and it also has a small store in the lobby. You can find high-end athletic wear, as well as essential oils, sprays and more. However, one of this fashionista’s favorite pieces for sale were the handmade textile wrist cuffs.

Each is totally unique and made from recycled materials.

Each is totally unique and made from recycled materials. I love one-of-kind pieces like these because no one else will have it! Plus, you get the added bonus of supporting a local artist who is doing unique work that is eco-friendly. They’re comfy to wear and add a flare of funk and color to any look. They would go great with jeans or athletic wear. If you’re into clothing and jewelry with earth tones, they’re perfect for you (or someone on your holiday shopping list!)

Sloane Brown

Baltimore's longtime fashion and social scene reporter, Sloane is the founder/managing editor of Baltimore Snap.