Street Style: Deck Us All

Street Style: Deck Us All

Razzle, Dazzle and Bedazzled!  Glittery magic is in the air. Twinkle lights abound. Sparkles, gold and silver scream celebration on the streets as the holidays near. Elves and Nordic monsters troll our downtown streets along with festive fashionistas, all deciding the big question. “Who has been naughty, and who has been nice?”

So, here are my picks for each list! 

NICE – Rudolph’s doppelganger? Let’s say Rudolfina! (As seen on 36th Street)
NICE – Glittering gold; a perfect holiday wrapping (As seen on Aliceanna Street)
A Little Bit Naughty – Shimmering shoulders wax poetic against glittering lights, maybe in search of some mistletoe…? (As seen on Hickory Avenue)
NAUGHTY – One jeans leg black, one white, leopard coat, neon scarf, patent boots and faux fur bag. A wicked look that works. (As seen on Exeter Street)
NAUGHTY – Whoa, this ain’t no Silent Night! (As seen on Mount Vernon Square)
NICE – A touch of Dickens – but no sign of Scrooge! (As seen on Mount Vernon Square)
VERY NAUGHTY – Sequins & stilettos (As seen on Charles Street)
VERY NICE – Adding seasonal sparkle to a kicky casual ensemble (As seen on Charles Street)
NICE – Spot on for the season! (As seen on 36th Street)
NICE – Chic season’s greetings! (As seen on 36th Street)

Just when you think that you have seen it all, leave it to the streets of Hampden to come up with an original holiday idea. Krampus – European folklore of a monster tagging along with St. Nick to put candy in the shoes of good kids and birch twigs in the shoes of the bad – inspires Krampuslauf every December in Hampden.

Check out some of the revelers…

NAUGHTY & NICE – This little elf has it ALL! Which is a good message to all of us. To everyone out there on the streets – be a little naughty and be a little nice this holiday season! And that’s how we roll in Baltimore folks. Happy Holidays!
Sascha Wolhandler

What do food and fashion have in common? Apparently quite a bit to a chef who: peels carrots and potatoes in a vintage French chef jacket (found at the Paris flea market), favors 4-inch platforms over professional clogs in the kitchen, and could be said to have a certain fetish for fashion.          Sascha Wolhandler is known around Baltimore as much for her unique style as she is as a longtime caterer, restaurateur, food stylist, and radio personality (co-contributor to "What Ya Got Cooking "on WYPR mid-days).          Her taste often reflects the cool quirkiness that is Baltimore, as do her culinary creations.            As the founder of Sascha’s Catering and the now-closed Sascha’s 527 Café, she’s known for her extraordinary skill at combining flavors and how she fashioned her buffets – pairing the fine with the rustic to create exquisite tastes and tableaus.          Food styling in the movies honed her fashion observation skills. Whether whipping up eggs for Julia Roberts in "Runaway Bride," or creating hors d’oeuvres for “House of Cards,” Sascha observed how costumers tell the “stories” of characters in how they dress the actors.          It’s no surprise that Sascha finds her favorite fashion on the concrete and cobblestones of Charm City.          "The streets, that's where I look for the fabulous combinations that humans put together…and that ‘je ne sais quoi’ moment that speaks style," the five-foot-two self-proclaimed “alley goddess” declares.          Her eye for style may also capture other street scenes that reflect our city’s cool vibe. So, look for Sascha’s “Street Snaps” that show "Baltimore rocks!"