14th Annual Small Foods Party

14th Annual Small Foods Party

Tiny Food. Big Smiles. Both were found in abundance at this yearly whoop-de-do, held this year at the American Visionary Art Museum.

Folks quickly filled the place to get first gander…
…be first in line…
…to get their hands…er, fingers…on all the teeny gustatory delights.
Guests browsed dozens of food stations set up by competing teams…
…sampling the offerings along the way…
…(“sample” being the operative word here)…
…then casting their votes in various categories in the “mini” competition, so to speak.
Smartphones were out in force…
…as the photo opps were endless.
While the meals may have been miniscule…
…the creativity on display was colossal.

Pictured (LtoR) Event coordinators: Barbara Wilgus; Erica Meninno; and Brian Rayburn
Pictured (LtoR) Joseph Waters, Sage Dining Services project manager; Mickey Dehn, event co-organizer; and Jack Pinder, Moveable Feast development associate/event DJ
Pictured (LtoR) Oedipal Arrangements team members: Clarence Orsi, Cecil College English professor; and Abby Brackins, Anne Arundel Community College assistant professor
Pictured (LtoR) Elizabeth Voorhees, Media Star Promotions program manager/freelance model; and “Gilbert,” Baltimore-based DJ
Teeny tiny toasting Pictured (LtoR) Liora Ostroff, Baltimore-based artist; Noah Mitchel, nonprofit assistant director of community relations; Lena Amick, Baltimore County history teacher; and Sarah Alper, Seattle, WA teacher
Pictured (LtoR) Sam Green, Anne Arundel County art teacher; and Rohan Pathare, DC area engineer
Pictured (LtoR) Paul Racette, Baltimore area engineer; and Nancy Murray, Community College of Baltimore County professor
Pictured (LtoR) Teeny Weeny Arancini team members: Ashlee Lane, Baltimore City Community College financial aid counselor; Melanie Brown-Lane, Moveable Feast executive chef; and Tracey Powell, Baltimore area security guard
Pictured (LtoR) Margaret Hart, Baltimore area educator; Matt Barinholtz, FutureMakers founder; and Claire Molina, Baltimore City art teacher
Leah Ramsay, STScI science writer, demonstrates itty-bitty etiquette
(Photo by Sean McDaniel)
(Photo by Sean McDaniel)
(Photo by Sean McDaniel)
(Photo by Sean McDaniel)
(Photo by Sean McDaniel)
(Photo by Sean McDaniel)
(Photo by Sean McDaniel)
(February 16, 2019 – American Visionary Art Museum)

Sloane Brown

Baltimore's longtime fashion and social scene reporter, Sloane is the founder/managing editor of Baltimore Snap.