Avant Garb: Pink Panache

Avant Garb: Pink Panache

by Elizabeth Massing

Spring is coming to a close, and that means that summer is about to be in full swing. So I was happy to see so many amazing summer looks this week that were vibrant, playful and full of color. 

On my way to a meeting, I ran into Casey at his office. He looked totally sharp, and I loved all of the pink that he was rocking. I’m a big fan of men wearing pink clothes… especially when they coordinate it with their shoes! “My shirt is a pink long sleeve Izod dress shirt and my shoes are rose Nike Air Force Ones. I have a number of pairs of shoes in colors like pink, blue, yellow, and green that I match to my shirts, and typically wear loud socks as well. When picking out clothes, I like to look for bright colors and unique shoes as I think they match my friendly personality and give me an opportunity to express myself. It always makes my day when someone comments on my shirt or shoe,” he told me.
I love this! It’s refreshing to see someone taking style as an opportunity to express who they are and show a bit more about their personality. His look is fun, colorful, and great for a spring time/ summer look in the office.
His rose Nike Air Force Ones are awesome and add a touch of sharpness and modernity to his look. Overall, from this look, you can tell Casey is a positive person with a great outlook who is friendly and eager to socialize and likes to have fun with his style. So, if you see him around, don’t forget to pay him a compliment!
Later in the week, I was headed to my next meeting when I ran into Jordan. I fell in love with her bright pink summery dress. I mean…seriously…I want this look for myself! What is better than pink and green? Throw in some tassels and you’ve really got my attention! She said she snagged the frock at Elizabeth Jane in Ellicott City. I absolutely love this look. The simple silhouette mixed with the bright colors and tassels is exactly the kind of look that is perfect for this time of year. It’s fresh, playful, and looks amazing on her. It’s appropriate for work, weekends, the beach – you name it.
Jordan said, “During the summer, I love anything that I can easily throw on – a wrap dress, romper, jumpsuit or matching separates. I wear a lot of dark clothes in the winter, so summer is the time that I really try to get some bright colors into my wardrobe. You’ll almost always see me in a straightforward and simple-to-assemble outfit with an accessory or two.”
Jordan chose to pair her dress with a black and gold Hermes bracelet. It looks high-end and really helps to make this look feel more polished.
She’s also paired it with Tory Burch flip flops – the perfect shoe for summertime! These pair great with rompers, wraps, and even jeans. Overall, her look is adorable! The bright colors and unique design of the dress grabs your attention. It’s a look that’s great for the office but could easily transition into a summer happy hour out on the patio.
FOUND – I was walking to lunch and spotted a new store in Mt Vernon called DifferentRegard, at 825 N. Charles Street. The window display had some eye-catching ensembles with bright colors and interesting tailored lines for both men and women.
When I walked in and spoke with the owner, he told me DifferentRegard’s mission is creating “not just fashion-forward clothing but a lifestyle and attitude.”
The store provides a classic style that has an edge to it.
It stands out from other stores by offering in-house designed and made apparel that look lux and sophisticated but are affordable.
Needless to say, they custom-make pieces, too.
Sloane Brown

Baltimore's longtime fashion and social scene reporter, Sloane is the founder/managing editor of Baltimore Snap.