Hot Spots: Asian Persuasion

Hot Spots: Asian Persuasion

by Brian Michael Lawrence

TigerStyle is one of the newest offerings from chef Chad Gauss, joining his hugely successful Food Market in Hampden, as well as La Food Marketa at Quarry Lake and a gourmet-style sno-ball stand on 36thStreet. 

Tucked away in an alley behind 36th Street (it’s a few doors down from the alley entrance to Avenue Kitchen + Bar), he describes it as “an eat-in + carry-out restaurant serving chef-inspired small plates + entrées, brought to you by the team behind The Food Market.”
Casual and eclectic, its menu gathers favorites from various cultures and blends them into comfortable favorites.
Personally, I sampled the shrimp summer roll (mixed vegetables with poached shrimp, served chilled in rice paper with spicy peanut sauce)…
…the “krispy” fried chicken wings served with buffalo sauce and lime blue cheese…
…and an order of street noodles. All yummy.
If you opt to eat in, you’ll walk past the very open kitchen…
…and pull up a stool at the 16-seat community table.
The décor is a tribute to ‘80s rap, pop culture and skateboarding.
The effect is low-tech, funky, inviting and comfortable (sort of like Hampden)—a perfect spot to enjoy fun food and make some new friends.
{TigerStyle, 911-913 W. 36th Street (alley), Hampden}
Brian Michael Lawrence

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