Street Style: Beachy Chi-Chi

By Sascha Wolhandler

Whew! It’s been hot. And I mean hot! It made me strip down to my naked naughties. All that I could muster my energies for was to fan myself and to pour some cold lemonade (O.K. full disclosure, there was some vodka present). But the heat was not enough to dampen the hearty Baltimore fashion forces. Abstract prints paraded boldly on jumpsuits and summer sheaths, bright orange and yellow were definitely having a fashion moment, and curvy sundresses highlighted gym-toned bodies. One style setter donned a sleek white tuxedo jacket over a black body-hugging sundress, a style moment. Architecturally designed glasses and sparkly sandals rounded out summer’s looks.  

Taking the lead! Maggie is on her “A” game with her flirty dress (Snapped on Lancaster Street)
Pendry pretties – Lindsey and Jean Marie – are feeling their flighty fashion (Snapped at Sagamore Pendry outdoor bar)
And their statement earrings are conversation starters…Hello!
Camille strikes a pose in beachy blue (Snapped on Bethel Street)
Karen carries the day with this sunshine-suffused frock. (Snapped on Thames Street)
“Heat wave? What heat wave?” the cool-as-cucumbers Sydney and McKenna seem to imply… (Snapped on Thames Street)
Theresa goes with the flow in the Pendry garden (Snapped in the Sagamore Pendry atrium)
Jamie pays homage to Kate Spade in this glorious dress (& notice the tassels on her straw bag!) (Snapped in the Sagmore Pendry atrium)
Playing amidst the faux white wave sculpture, Victoria’s white and blue dress completes the nautical “moment” (Snapped at the Sagamore Pendry entrance)
Holly captures a perfect look with a sleek tuxedo jacket over her LBD (Snapped at entrance to Ouzo Beach)
Japera ratchets up the heat – the right way – to her summer! (Snapped on the new bridge to Harbor Point)
..and she toes the line with sparkle and shine (and comfort!)
Oumo takes fashionable flight in this dress from Guinea (Snapped on Bond Street)
Shayla nails it with her fashion choices! (Snapped on Exeter Street)

Now…about those naked naughties…? Use your imagination. (Or sip a little more of that lemonade and vodka!)   

And that’s how we roll in Baltimore, folks!  That’s how we roll!

Sloane Brown

Baltimore's longtime fashion and social scene reporter, Sloane is the founder/managing editor of Baltimore Snap.