Y:ART Gallery “SUPERHEROES” Exhibition Opening

Y:ART Gallery “SUPERHEROES” Exhibition Opening

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A SUPER night at the Y:ART Gallery…befitting the “SUPERHEROES” exhibition opening being celebrated. Scores of folks crammed the Highlandtown gallery to get first look at how dozens of local artists rendered their interpretations of what makes a superhero.

The party began in the street outside, where the party overflowed.
The show itself started right inside the door and extended throughout the gallery…as did the crowd.
Renowned storyteller Mama Linda Goss – a 2019 National Endowment for the Arts National Heritage Award recipient – provided one of the evening’s highlights by telling stories of some of her personal heroes.
Artist David Page starting to emerge from his piece “Don’t Need No SuperHero,” with the help of Lauren Schott and Jenn Parnell
Y:ART Gallery owner Juli Yensho (center right) greeting friends: Megin Diamond, jeweler (far left); Sydney Hopkins, painter (center left) and James Leonard, sculptor (far right)

Pictured (LtoR) Lauren Schott, Baltimore-based jewelry designer; Daniel Schiavone, show artist; and Jenn Parnell, jeweler/metalsmith/artist
Pictured (LtoR) Laure Drogoul; show artist; and Leigh Troy, Wolters Kluwer customer success manager, who’s making her own contribution – as invited – to the piece “Mrs. Haussner’s Ball of Knots”
Pictured (LtoR) Lou Linden, The Cork Factory manager; Mike Burdinski, Baltimore-based builder; and Howard Ehrenfeld, show artist
Pictured (LtoR) Junius Wilson, show artist, next to his work, “Wo-Man”; and David Ettlin, writer/editor/blogger
Pictured (LtoR) Sharania Mathyvannan, US Army engineer; and Julian Richards, Broadway Construction Group construction inspector, adding to “Mrs. Haussner’s Ball of Knots”

Pictured (LtoR) Show artists: Lania D’Agostino; and Baba Harry
(July 27, 2019 – Y:ART Gallery)

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