Volunteering Untapped After Party

Dozens of folks got together for Volunteering Untapped’s August work day, pitching in at Beans & Bread and Head Start for several hours.

The group then gathered at Bond Street Social for the after party…
…and toasting the day’s efforts.
Pictured (LtoR) Taylor Nappi, Dewpoint Media video editor; Dave Parks, Dewpoint Media owner; and Seth Franz, Volunteering Untapped founder
Pictured (LtoR) Emily Schumacher, Volunteering Untapped director of marketing; Sierra Jackson, St. Vincent de Paul Baltimore volunteer coordinator; Emilie Drasher, Volunteering Untapped executive director; and Kaitlyn Kivi, Volunteering Untapped volunteer engagement coordinator
Pictured (LtoR) Katie Blacketor, Mindgrub project manager; and Allison O’Brien, Gable cost engineer
Pictured (LtoR) Katie Dingle, Baltimore area dental hygienist; Alex Thompson, Johns Hopkins University RN; and Teddy Davidson, Volunteering Untapped board president
Pictured (LtoR) Jen Gerber, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health PhD candidate; Dr. Michael Brady, Park West Health System primary care physician; and Stacy Sherwood, Exeter Associates economist
Pictured (LtoR) Rozalyn Moore, Baltimore area physical therapist; Aadit Shrestha, Securities Pricing & Research director of valuations; and Priyanka Panday, US Defense Information Systems Agency engineer
Pictured (LtoR) Ardy Ducut, US Navy petty officer first class; Nick Harriday, COMSO technical recruiter; and Priyanka Subba, Catholic Relief Services program officer
Pictured (LtoR) Terrance Turner, Modivation web designer; and Monique Peters, Baltimore juvenile services office support specialist
(August 10, 2019 – Bond Street Social)
Sloane Brown

Baltimore's longtime fashion and social scene reporter, Sloane is the founder/managing editor of Baltimore Snap.