Beer & Bots – One Last Time

Dozens of folks descended on the STAR Academy for “Beer & Bots – One Last Time,” to combine a couple of favorite pastimes and raise money for the Baltimore Robotics Center.

This was the last time the networking event would be held at this particular location. The Academy would be relocating since its current building is set for demolishment.
In the meantime, there were bots to play with…
…which also included the bot that traversed the floor, carrying coolers that offered folks a variety of beverages.
Pictured (LtoR) Tarik Nasir, Iron Flame Technologies principal; Cal Bogertman, Mind Over Machines director of strategic partnerships; Deidra Lassalle, Knoll sales representative; and Chris McDonell, McDonell Consulting Group president
Pictured (LtoR) John Dinkel, Dinkel Business Development principal; and Sarah Sawyer, Warschawski director & general counsel
Pictured (LtoR) Mark Miller, Westminster Speed & Sound president; Keith Daw, McDonell Consulting Group vice president; and Ed Mullin, STAR Academy co-founder
Pictured (LtoR) Dan Fucich, AlgenAir co-founder; Jānis Nagy, VectorCSP chief strategy officer; Eric Levitas, Mosaic Learning strategic account manager; and Kelsey Abernathy, AlgenAir co-founder
Pictured (LtoR) Kevin Ames, Community Radiology Associates provider service representative; and Vicki Franz, I95 Business publisher
Pictured (LtoR) Amy Henninger, DEX Imaging Timonium branch manager; David Warschawski, Warschawski CEO; and Mike Leavey, STAR Academy general manager
Pictured (LtoR) Michael Raphael, Direct Dimensions president & chief engineer; and Liz Sundermann, Baltimore County Public Library virtual & media services manager
(August 22, 2019 – STAR Academy)
Sloane Brown

Baltimore's longtime fashion and social scene reporter, Sloane is the founder/managing editor of Baltimore Snap.