Street Style: Heat? Sweet!

Street Style: Heat? Sweet!

By Sascha Wolhandler

I can’t help but find the dwindling days of summer bittersweet. As I munch on my succulent tomato sandwich and gnaw on the sweetest of corn, my heart aches a bit. Perhaps, it is sentimental remembrances of long-ago summer romances ending, or nature’s bounty that is soon to depart. Summer means a freedom from schedules, schools and work. A hiatus from hairdryers and makeup and a move towards casual fashion of all types. Summer’s carefree mood frees our neon painted toes to tickle our fantasies in flip-flops and sandals.  Torturous stilettos take a little summer breather (sometimes…a gal can never quite give up her killer heels!). Sun-kissed arms and legs find a freedom in short minis – or free flowing maxis – and colorful jumpsuits give fashion great flair, while classic T-shirts enliven long skirts. A head wrap with jumbo hoop earrings makes a strong statement.    But, oh my, just when I was all melancholy about summer’s end, I see the latest trend – a champagne vending machine. What a hoot! Sinking heart retrieved, as I look forward to the innovations of fall. Okay, September, I’m coming for ya!

Things are definitely looking up at NASA, if Audri has anything to do with it. (Snapped on Willis Street, Harbor Point)
With a wink and a grin, Karla is sidling into September (Snapped on Lancaster Street)
Meanwhile, Logan is sassily soaking up summer! (Snapped on Aliceanna Street)
Marisa’s LBD is frothy and fun! (Snapped on Lancaster Street)
Code Red for Cyn! (Snapped on Aliceanna Street)
Sarah turns up the heat in her hot pink heels (Snapped on Harbor East Circle)
Donielle epitomizes breezy city chic (Snapped in Harbor East)
Pensively polished: Maya is picture perfect (Snapped in Harbor East)
Cait is a cool orange crush on a hot day. (Snapped at Sagamore Pendry Baltimore outside bar)
Three by the sea – fashionably carefree! (Snapped at Douglass-Myers Maritime Park)
Three dimensional fashion sensible! (Snapped at the Fell’s Point Pier)
Kaitlyn rocks the romper (Snapped on Thames Street)
Janine finds a great transition to fall, with a final toast to summer! (Snapped at Sagamore Pendry Baltimore)

And that’ s how we roll in Baltimore, folks. That’s how we roll!  

Sascha Wolhandler

What do food and fashion have in common? Apparently quite a bit to a chef who: peels carrots and potatoes in a vintage French chef jacket (found at the Paris flea market), favors 4-inch platforms over professional clogs in the kitchen, and could be said to have a certain fetish for fashion.          Sascha Wolhandler is known around Baltimore as much for her unique style as she is as a longtime caterer, restaurateur, food stylist, and radio personality (co-contributor to "What Ya Got Cooking "on WYPR mid-days).          Her taste often reflects the cool quirkiness that is Baltimore, as do her culinary creations.            As the founder of Sascha’s Catering and the now-closed Sascha’s 527 Café, she’s known for her extraordinary skill at combining flavors and how she fashioned her buffets – pairing the fine with the rustic to create exquisite tastes and tableaus.          Food styling in the movies honed her fashion observation skills. Whether whipping up eggs for Julia Roberts in "Runaway Bride," or creating hors d’oeuvres for “House of Cards,” Sascha observed how costumers tell the “stories” of characters in how they dress the actors.          It’s no surprise that Sascha finds her favorite fashion on the concrete and cobblestones of Charm City.          "The streets, that's where I look for the fabulous combinations that humans put together…and that ‘je ne sais quoi’ moment that speaks style," the five-foot-two self-proclaimed “alley goddess” declares.          Her eye for style may also capture other street scenes that reflect our city’s cool vibe. So, look for Sascha’s “Street Snaps” that show "Baltimore rocks!"