6th Annual Footloose Gala

*Featured Event*

Some 250 people descended on the Padonia Park Club to cut loose like Kevin Bacon on the dance floor and generally have a good time, while raising money for The Kendall Burrows Foundation.

Photos & captions courtesy The Kendall Burrows Foundation

The Foundation was created in the memory of Kendall Burrows – a happy-go-lucky Baltimore County girl who succumbed to an auto-immune disorder when she was 9 years old. It raises money and awareness for other children in similar circumstances by benefiting the palliative care program at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center.
The gala – which honors Kendall’s love of dancing and the color purple – raised more than $100,000 in this, its sixth year.
Pictured (LtoR) Kendall Burrows Foundation (KBF) Committee: Ryan Burrows (Leader), Lauren Burrows, Pam Swanson, Dave Burrows (Founder), Kelly Reeves, Megan Burrows, Rick Burrows, Jeannie Burrows, Linda Costa, Chip Costa, Leanne Harris, Jody Costa, Jason Myers
Pictured (LtoR) Nicole Vercollone (Education HR Specialist), Kelly Reeves (Kendall’s sister and KBF Committee Member), Robyn Dunne (Stay at home Mom), Clary Fusting (Stay at home Mom)
Pictured (LtoR) Lauren Saphier (Celgene Executive Hematology Consultant), Carolyn Bereksa (retired teacher), Brian and Becky Dausch
Pictured (LtoR) Kelly Douglas, Stephanie Wolfe, Jennifer Farace, Rick Burrows, Whitney Hiebler, Karen Bell, from ST Engineering, Middle River Aerostructure Systems
Pictured (LtoR) 5. Duke Perrucci (Chief Revenue Officer Gurobi Optimization), Julie Hadley (VP of Underwriting TransRe), Melissa Perrucci (Vice President, Human Resources HarperCollins Publishers), Megan Hildebrand (Stay at Home Mom), Kyle Hildebrand (Managing Partner of Empire Harley Davidson)
Pictured (LtoR) Rachel Awuapara (Health Coach), Samir Awuapara (Sales force consultant)
Pictured (LtoR) Rick Isphording (Sales Rep for Apex), Cathy Isphording (Retired Sales Rep), Joe Jenkins (Owner of SpecPrint) and Greg Carpenter (PD/MD/Mornings at Entercom Communications)
Pictured (LtoR) Back Row: Jason Willis (Account Executive), Kevin Cooper (Store Manager), Sara Kamp (Senior Associate) Craig Friedman (Marketing Manager), Jason Cohen (Analytics Consultant) Front Row: Andrew Block (Information Security Engineer), Andi Potler (Software Developer), Sonel Friedman (Project Manager), Lauren Willis (Account Manager), Erica Cohen (Licensed Clinician)
Pictured (LtoR) Ryan Metzger (Video Specialist), Cara Metzger (Clinical Psychologist)
Pictured (LtoR) Dr. Nancy Hutton (Professor of Pediatrics and Medical Director, Harriet Lane Compassionate Care Program), Dr. Elyze Demers (Hospice and Palliative Medicine Fellow, Harriet Lane Compassionate Care Program), Dr. Joann Hunsberger (Hospice and Palliative Medicine Fellow, Harriet Lane Compassionate Care Program), Dave Burrows (KBF Committee Member and Founder)
PIctured (LtoR) Jeff Little (Invisible Fence consultant) and wife, Matt Ward (Electrician), Kara Ward (Speech Therapist), David Kurrle (Mid-Atlantic Production Manager @ Sabal) and wife
Pictured (LtoR) Lauren Burrows (KBF Committee Member), Ryan Burrows (KBF Committee Leader)
(October 11, 2019 – Padonia Park Club)
Sloane Brown

Baltimore's longtime fashion and social scene reporter, Sloane is the founder/managing editor of Baltimore Snap.